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UW-W TechQuest
Spring/Fall 2014


News & Updates

UW-Whitewater TechQuest opens on Friday, August 1, 2014 at NOON and closes on Monday, September 8, 2014 at 11:55 p.m.

Completing UW-W TechQuest is required of all new students (freshmen), and is strongly recommended for transfer and readmitted students.

All new, transfer, and readmitted students will receive three email reminders (sent to their UW-Whitewater email address) before UW-W TechQuest closes on September 8, 2014. Students may also choose to receive updates and reminders as text messages on their phones by sending follow UWWTechQuest to 40404 (please note that text messages may incur charges, depending on your mobile phone plan; to stop getting text updates on your phone, text STOP to 40404). Students may also like UW-W TechQuest on Facebook (, or follow it on Twitter: @UWWTechQuest:

Image with QR Codes for Facebook and Twitter Link to TQ on Facebook at

The printable PDF poster below includes a brief UW-W TechQuest overview and timeline. This is the same poster that is distributed to all new and transfer students, and placed in the envelope students receive at Plan-It Purple. To access the PDF on your mobile device click here.

Getting Started with UW-W TechQuest ˆ

UW-W TechQuest can be completed by using an online system called D2L (short for Desire2Learn). Most UW-Whitewater instructors use D2L in their courses to deliver course materials, to collect assignments, and sometimes to conduct online quizzes and exams.

UW-W TechQuest has 10 sections: a START HERE section with a general overview, followed by 8 content units, each with a brief introduction, a self-grading quiz, and a list of optional online resources you can explore. There is also a TechQuest Feedback section in which we ask students to complete a brief 3-minute survey after they had completed all 8 content unit quizzes.

Step-by-Step Instructions ˆ

To complete the UW-W TechQuest, follow the instructions below:

How do I take a UW-W TechQuest Quiz? ˆ

In these instructions we assume you had already self-registered for UW-W TechQuest on D2L. If you have not, follow the instructions in the section above.

TIME LIMIT FOR QUIZZES: You will need to complete quizzes for all 8 content units with a cumulative average score of 85%, before September 8, 2014 at 11:55 PM, at which point UW-W TechQuest will close. But you can take as long as you wish to complete each quiz - there is no time limit. We designed UW-W TechQuest so that it could be completed (Introduction, all 8 units, and the follow-up survey) in under one hour, but if you need more time - no problem at all. If you are not satisfied with your quiz score after you submit the quiz (you need 85% score or higher), you can re-take the same quiz as many times as you want. There is no penalty for taking longer to complete the quiz, or for retaking a quiz to improve your score.

How will I know if I completed UW-W TechQuest successfully? ˆ

If you have already completed some, or all of UW-W TechQuest’s 8 units, check if you received a passing score on UW-W TechQuest.

After you have completed all 8 unit quizzes, on the UW-W TechQuest top navigation bar in D2L (top-left of the browser window), click the Grades link. The Grades page loads. On top of the Grade Items list on that page you see the total points you received for UW-W TechQuest quizzes (out of 80 maximum possible points), for example, 68/80. If your score is 68/80 (which is equivalent to 85%), or higher (for example, 69/80), you have completed TechQuest successfully: you are done - congratulations.

If your score is lower than 68/80 (for example, 62/80), you will need to retake one or more quizzes on which you got lower scores, to bring your total UW-W TechQuest score to 68/80 (85%), or higher. The table you see on the Grades page below the total UW-W TechQuest score lists your scores for each unit quiz. It may be a good idea to re-take the quiz with the lowest score, and then check again if your total score has improved and reached the required 68/80 points (=85%), or higher.

Remember that you can retake any quiz as many times as necessary, and that there is no penalty for taking more time, or for retaking the same quiz. You have until September 8, 2014, at 11:55 PM to complete UW-W TechQuest with a passing score of at least 68/80 (that is, 85%).

What UW-W TechQuest is ˆ

UW-W TechQuest is an online technology orientation program for incoming UW-Whitewater students, both freshmen and transfer, developed by Instructional, Communication & Information Technology (iCIT), and implemented in collaboration with First-Year Experience (FYE) and Academic Advising & Exploartion Center (AAEC). UW-W TechQuest was first offered to the incoming freshman class and transfer students in the summer of 2011. It has been a resounding success, achieving very completion and student satisfaction rates (see the graphic below that summarizes the results of student satisfaction survey; the numbers are based on almost 600 voluntary student responses):

Results of a TechQuest satisfaction survey

On August 24th, 2011, UW-W TechQuest was featured by Apple on iTunes U in the "What's Hot" section of the Teaching & Education category, and one of the UW-W TechQuest videos has reached the #1 spot on the most downloaded tracks list (see image, below).

Screen capture from iTunes U

In early 2012, members of the UW-W TechQuest team were invited to present the program at two conferences that focus on innovative uses of technology in higher education, the ELI (Educause Learnig Initiative) Annual Meeting in Austin, TX (February 2012), and at the Midwest Regional Educause Conference (March 2012).

Why UW-W TechQuest is important ˆ

UW-Whitewater offers students access to state-of-the-art technology and learning tools that help them make the most of their college experience. UW-W TechQuest is an interactive, guided tour of technology on campus, intended to ensure that all students know what technology resources are available to them, and where to find more information, and help.

During their initial contact with First-Year Experience office, all incoming students (freshmen and transfer) are asked to take the online multimedia tour of technology resources, and to answer follow-up questions using D2L, the University’s Learning Management System. Students must complete UW-W TechQuest with a minimum score of 85%. Completing UW-W TechQuest is required of all new students (freshmen). For transfer students, UW-W TechQuest is recommended, since a large percentage of this group is re-admitted to UW-Whitewater, and may already be familiar with technology resources and tools used on campus.

How UW-W TechQuest works ˆ

UW-W TechQuest is accessed through D2L, where it is listed as a self-enrolled course. The course includes a short introduction (a section called START HERE), followed by 8 Units, with essential information about: 1 - D2L; 2 - Net-ID and password; 3 - campus Email, and IronPort; 4 - time-planning tools (OWA, Events Calendar, Online Course Catalog); 5 -WINS; 6 - Google Drive; 7 - 4U program, and software purchases; and about 8 - computing facilities available on campus, including general access labs and collaboratories. An optional UW-W TechQuest Feedback section, with a short follow-up survey is also included.

Each of 8 units in UW-W TechQuest consists of three components:

  1. An overview of the Unit, and instructions;
  2. A short video which students need to watch, or a short task which they need to complete online (a “quest”). Videos are closed-captioned (subtitled), and accompanied by a printable transcript;
  3. A self-grading quiz with multiple-choice questions, which students need to complete with a minimum average score of 85%, to confirm that they understand the material.

Although UW-W TechQuest is designed so that all 8 units can be completed in less than an hour, students can take as much time as they need: there is no time limit. And, if students provide incorrect answers to quiz questions, they are encouraged to review the unit again, and retake the quiz. There is no penalty for taking more time, or for re-taking a quiz, and there is no limit to how many times students can re-take any quiz.

UW-W TechQuest Resources ˆ

This section provides quick links to relevant online resources for each UW-W TechQuest unit. 2014 UW-W TechQuest videos can only be accessed through D2L (by logging in - see Step-by-step instructions section above) 

Unit 1: D2L (UW-W Learning Management System);

Unit 2: Net-ID and Password (access to all online technology services on campus):

Unit 3: Campus Email and IronPort (communication, and spam management):

Unit 4: Time-planning Tools

Unit 5: WINS

Unit 6: Google Docs:

Unit 7: 4U (shopping for computers and software):

Unit 8: Computing Facilities:

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