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This webpage provides information about Microsoft Windows 7 on UW-Whitewater campus. Resources include a printable Essentials Guide (PDF), that highlights most important new features and explains the changes to the way files are stored and managed on University-owned computers that run Windows 7. Additionally, this page includes links to Microsoft-produced Windows 7 resources available online.

Beginning January 30, 2012, the Windows 7 operating system will replace Windows XP on new Windows computers purchased by the University. On existing University computers, for now, Microsoft Windows XP will continue to be used. Members of the campus community who are interested in upgrading the operating system on University-owned computers to Windows 7, will be able to request the upgrade through the TSC-Helpdesk, beginning on March 1, 2012. Presently, Windows 7 is not available for install on dual-boot Macs used on UW-Whitewater campus.

Windows 7 Resources:

For Everybody:

  • Microsoft's Windows 7 Help & How-to pages, with more detailed information;
  • Video - New Feature: Highlights of Aero, the new look-and-feel for Windows 7, 1:05;
  • Video - New Feature: Gadgets - new, convenient information programs that can be parked on the Desktop, or float on top above other running programs; 0:54;
  • Video - New Feature: Jump Lists, the fastest way to access frequently used files, web pages, or folders, 0:45;
  • Video - New Feature: Libraries 0:51, NOTE: At this time your Libraries cannot include files and folders located on UW-W networked drives (if you add them to a Library, they will be ignored, and not indexed / included in the search;
  • Video - New Feature: Aero Peek, 0:40;
  • Video - New Feature: Shake, a quick and easy way to clear your Desktop of any distractions, 0:23;
  • Video - New Feature: Snap 0:30;
  • Video - New Feature: Snipping Tool, a convenient way to get a screen-shot, without the need for external, purchased programs such as Snag-It, 0:50;
  • Video - Improved: Windows 7 Desktop, 0:51;
  • Video - Improved: File Search (Windows XP compared to Windows 7), 4:30;
  • Video - Improved: Windows 7 Search, for lightning-fast way to find files, folders, or launch programs, 0:32;
  • Video - Improved: Windows Taskbar, with several improvements, 0:30;
  • Video: Additional Information: Windows XP Mode, for those few programs that don't work well on Windows 7, but worked well on Windows XP, 0:38;

For UW-Whitewater Faculty & Staff Only:

  • Faculty and staff interested in installing Windows 7 on their home [privately-owned] computers, can do so within UW-Whitewater's Work-at-Home (WAH) licensing agreement. For more information, and step-by-step payment and download instructions, please consult a separate PDF guide (access requires a valid faculty or staff Net-ID login). The use of WAH software is limited to UW-Whitewater faculty and staff, and does NOT extend to students.

This page last updated on Jan. 26, 2012 (AGK).