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Using WINS
Introduction for Students

WHAT IS IT: WINS is a system used at UW-Whitewater for management of various administrative functions for students, faculty, and staff. Students can use WINS to add and drop courses, check and print their schedules, grades, transcripts, and enrollment certificates, and more.

This series of short video tutorials developed by the Registrar's Office (Jessica Cole), and produced by iCIT, offers an overview and step-by-step instructions to many most frequently used features of WINS.

The streaming videos can be watched on this page (you may need to allow pop-ups from and, depending on your computer settings), or as a Vimeo Channel (for easier navigation), or on UW-Whiterwater's pages on iTunes U, where the files can be streamed or downloaded to your computer for viewing later, when web access may be slow or unavailable.

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