Study Abroad Financial Aid

The Center for Global Education works closely with the Financial Aid office to coordinate financial aid for study abroad participants.  The CGE encourages all study abroad applicants to file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for the academic year that they plan to study abroad, even if they do not normally receive financial aid at UW-Whitewater. You complete a FAFSA as normal and do not need to indicate you are studying abroad.

After you receive your initial Financial Aid Award Notification, you must submit a copy of your Program Budget to the Financial Aid Office. The CGE will distribute this to you via e-mail and/or post it to the Documents section on your online application portal. The Financial Aid Office will review your student financial aid package based on the costs of your particular program (rather than based on the cost of studying on the UW-Whitewater campus). These additional study abroad expenses may qualify you for an increased financial aid award.

Your UW-Whitewater financial aid, grants, and scholarships will be applied to your UW-Whitewater student account for the term that you are studying abroad.  If you still owe money after your financial aid and scholarships are applied to your student account, your student account will reflect the balance owed. If you have aid or scholarship funds left over after paying all "billable costs," you will receive a refund, which you will use to assist with the "non-billable costs" of your study abroad program.  Study abroad participants are highly encouraged to sign up for e-Refund so that their refund can be direct-deposited into the student's bank account.

For more information on studying abroad and financial aid, please see the Financial Aid Office website

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