Going Global: Start to Finish

Going Global: Start to Finish

Getting Started

  • Meet the requirements
    Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5, have successfully completed one semester of college prior to participation, and be in good academic and disciplinary standing to participate in a Global Experiences Program.  Please note that individual Global Experiences Programs may impose additional requirements above and beyond these general requirements.
  • Attend a Global Pathways Advising Session 
    These initial small-group advising sessions, led by our experienced Peer Advisors, will introduce you to the different global experiences options available and get you started on how to choose the program that's right for you.
  • Meet with Your Academic Advisor
    At the core of any Global Experiences Program is academic study. Therefore, students should meet with their Academic Advisor early on to discuss the timing of the Global Experience and the academic requirements that must be met while abroad to continue making progress toward graduation.  
  • Research Your Global Experience Options 
    Attending a Global Pathways session and meeting with your Academic Advisor will provide you with the tools and insight to begin researching program options utilizing the Center for Global Education's program search tool.
  • Meet with a Global Experiences Advisor
    An advising appointment with a Global Experiences Advisor will allow you the opportunity to discuss your study abroad goals and priorities and assist you in identifying and selecting a program that best suits your academic, personal, and financial needs.  Please call the Center for Global Education at (262) 472-5759 to schedule an advising appointment with a Global Experiences Advisor.
  • Fund your Experience
    Begin to plan out the financial aspects of your participation in a global experiences program.  This may include personal budget planning, identifying programs that meet your needs financially, and applying for financial aid, grants, and scholarships. 
  • Apply for a Passport
    All travel abroad, including participation in a Global Experiences Program, requires a valid passport.  Processing times for U.S. passports are currently 4-8 weeks. U.S. citizens may download a passport application, along with further instructions, from the U.S. Department of State website

The Application Process

After you have identified a global experiences program that fits your goals and needs, you're ready to apply!  Please note that, for many programs, there are two aspects to the application process:

  1. The UW-W Global Experiences Application
  2. The application process of your chosen program provider or host institution

Note: Step 2 most commonly applies to students participating in Exchange, Partnership, and Study Abroad Provider programs. For further information about different types of programs, click here.

After you're Accepted

  • Complete Post-Acceptance Processes
    After you have been accepted, you will be asked to complete additional post-acceptance processes via your online application.  Students whose application process involves a host institution or program provider may also have additional post-acceptance processes to complete with these organizations.
  • Apply for Your Student Visa or Residence Permit
    A valid passport is sufficient for participation in some global experiences programs, but others will require that a student obtain a student visa or residence permit.  Visas and residence permits are documents that indicate that an individual has permission from a foreign government to reside in that country for a specific purpose (e.g. study) and/or length of time (e.g. 6 months).  Whether a student requires a visa is dependent upon the student's citizenship, destination country, and program length.  If a student requires a visa, they will most commonly apply via the nearest destination country's consulate prior to departure, although some countries allow for online visa applications or application upon arrival in the destination country.  Students will be advised of relevant visa requirements by their global experiences advisor, host university, and/or program provider, but it is ultimately the student's responsibility to comply with visa or residence permit requirements.
  • Make Your Travel Plans
    While most faculty-led programs and some study abroad providers will arrange transportation to and from the program location, most other students are responsible for booking their own round-trip flights.  Tips for doing to can be found in your Global Experiences Student Handbook.  Students are advised to confirm their exact program start and end dates before making their travel arrangements.
  • Read Up on your Program and Destination
    Prepare yourself and know what to expect on your program by reaching your Global Experiences Student Handbook and the recommended resources within it.  These resources will provide information from the practical (e.g. what to pack) to the cultural (e.g. culture shock and what to expect in your host country) to the just plain important (e.g. staying healthy and safe while abroad).
  • Attend Pre-Departure Orientation(s)
    All UW-W students participating in global experiences programs must attend one or more pre-departure orientation(s) sponsored by the Center for Global Education.  You will be advised of the date(s) and time(s) via your online application and by email.  Failure to attend required pre-departure orientation(s) may result in the revocation of your study abroad acceptance.



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