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The DS-2019 Form provides the start and end dates of the Visiting Scholar's program. Legally wed spouses and children under the age of 21 are eligible for the J-2 dependent status. When the program has ended, the Visiting Scholar and dependents are permitted a grace period to remain in the U.S. for up to 30 days after the end date. Absolutely no employment is permitted during this 30 day grace period. The J-2 dependents can only utilize the grace period if the Visiting Scholar remains in the U.S.   The information below provides information on how to invite International Visiting Scholars to UW-Whitewater. If this is your first time inviting a Visiting Scholar to campus or if it has been awhile we would invite you to meet with the Center for Global Education to review the program details. Meetings can be made by contacting Erika Cuevas at or by phone at x6939. 

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Visiting Scholar Procedure

Application Process: Completes the Visiting Scholar Application and provides all required documentation

Once Approved:  Pays SEVIS I-901 Fee Takes DS-2019 Form, passport, UW-Whitewater Appointment/Invitation Letter, and any other documents required to the U.S. Consulate or Embassy to obtain J-1 U.S. visa stamp in passport (excluding Canadian Citizens) Communicates arrival information to Faculty Sponsor Uses DS-2019 and visa stamp in passport to enter the U.S.

While on Campus:  Check in with the Center for Global Education within 3 days of program start date Attend mandatory orientation session (scheduled during check in) Conduct research/activities as outlined in visiting scholar application

Hosting Faculty Member/Department Procedure

Application Process: Conducts Interview for English Proficiency with Visiting Scholar if necessary Reviews Prospective Visiting Scholar Application Completes Department Request Form and Export Control Form Forwards completed application materials to the Center for Global Education

Once Approved:  Works with Visiting Scholar to coordinate Airport pick-up

While on Campus: If possible, attend Visiting Scholar orientation Assist with connecting the Visiting Scholar to campus and community resources Work with visiting scholar on program objectives outlined in the visiting scholar application

Center for Global Education Procedure

Application Process:  Reviews and processes completed application packet Requests Official Invitation Letter from the Office of the Provost

Once Approved:  Sends the DS-2019 and acceptance materials to the Visiting Scholar

While on Campus:  Provides mandatory orientation Serves as the Visiting Scholar's resource for immigration related issues

Visiting Scholar Program Restrictions

Please use the following information when reviewing Visiting Scholar Applications. The Center for Global Education will use these parameters to determine eligbility for  Form DS-2019.

Minimum Educational Attainment: The equivalent of an earned U.S. bachelor's degree is needed for the J-1 scholar program. Beyond that, it is recommended that the Visiting Scholar have the same combination of academic credentials and experiences as would be required of a U.S. individual to hold the same appointment title.

5-Year Limit: The project or program needs to be "achievable" within the five year time limit of the J-1 research scholar/professor categories (There is a sepparate category, the "Short-Term Scholar," which as a limit of 6 months).

Non-Immigrant Intent: Like many nonimmigrant visas, the J-1 visa requreis applicants to prove to the consular officer that they plan to return to their home coutnry upon completion of the program before the visa will be issued. Many Exchange Visitors are subject to the two year home residence requirment (212(e)), which means that they must return to their home coutnry for two years before being eligibel for H-1B or permentn resident status. the HRr is based on the home country's skills list, US or home government funding. A waiver of the requirement may be difficult to obtain, particularly in the case of U.S. government funding.

The "24 month Bar": It is no longer possible for a person to come to the U.S. as a research scholar or professor if at any time in the previous 24 months they have held either J-1 or J-2 status EXCEPT if the previous visit was under teh "Short-term scholar" category. 

No Change in Purpose: J-1 Exchange visitors are admitted to the U.s. to carry out a specified program or project. When the project or program has been completed, the Exchange Visitors are expected to return home to share their experience with their colleagues. The Exchange Visitor is unable to change the primary objective, as listed on teh DS-2019 form while in the U.S. A change to a different host department or lab is possibel only if there would be no change in the initial objective. Under restricted circumstances, it is possible for a Visiting Scholar to transfer to antoher unviersity or location.

Not an Employment Visa: The purpose of the Visiting Scholar program is "to increase mutual understanding between the people of the U.S. and te people of other countreis by means of educational and cultural exchanges."

Avoid the Visiting Scholar Program if:

  • The person is not planning to leave the U.S. after the completion of the project.
  • the department wishes to employ the scholar for more than 5 years.
  • The host faculty member is not planning on or interested in establishing a collaborative and/or collegial relationship with the intending scholar.
  • The faculty member is uncomfortable with the interactions with the potential visiting scholar. The Center for Global Ecuation may be able to help if thre are cross-cultural cues and miscuues. HOwever, if mutual understanding and comfort is not secured in the negotiation stage, it frequently is not achieved once the visitor is here.

Department Forms

Visiting Scholar Request Form
Export Control Form
English Language Assessment Form

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