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Earn Credit for Your Disney College Program Experience!

Students who participate in the Disney College Program at the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort can earn academic credit for the experience through UW-Whitewater.

BEINDP 293 – Applied Business Basics

In order to take this course, students must be a participant in the Disney College Program. To be selected for participation in the Disney College Program, students must:

  • Attend a presentation on campus or online
  • Complete the interview process
  • Be offered a role in the Disney College Program

See the official websites for the Disney College Program at the Walt Disney World Resort or at the Disneyland Resort for additional information on this process.

Course Description and Objectives

Catalog Description: The purpose of this course is to acquire skills and knowledge relating personal values to customer service, personal empowerment, problem-solving, effective communication, teamwork, time management, cultural sensitivity, and career planning. The Disney Theme Parks and Resorts offer students a “learning laboratory where they can live, learn, and earn” while taking courses and completing assignments related to their work experience.
Prerequisites: Completion of 15 units; GPA of 2.0; acceptance into the Disney College Program; instructor consent.

Objectives: After successfully completing this course, students will

  • Demonstrate personal growth as a direct result of participating in the Disney College Program.
  • Develop transferable skills from professional training and real-world experiences with a leader in the industry.
  • Accomplish the learning objective listed for each course taken while in the Disney College Program.

Course Procedures

  1. To earn credit for this course, students must:
    • BEFORE the Disney College Program experience:
    • A. Develop a detailed Learning Contract with the instructor. This is generally done during a face-to-face meeting with the course instructor before you register for the course.
      B. Attend the Disney College Program Offer Celebration meeting (time, date, and location to be determined each semester)
      C. Read selected articles on (a) Walt Disney, (b) the history of the Walt Disney Company, and (c) the Disney Way.
    • DURING the Disney College Program experience:
    • D. Successfully complete the work experience at a Disney Theme Park and/or Resort.
      E. If you are taking BEINDP 293 for 9 units and SPEECH 110 for 3 units, you must take (1) Corporate Communications and (2) either one of the courses listed below or one of the Disney Exploration Series classes.
      F. If you are taking BEINDP 293 for 12 units, you must take one of the courses listed below, except Corporate Communications, and participate in one of the Disney Exploration Series classes.


      • Corporate Communication (transfers to UW-Whitewater as SPEECH 110 IF you register for SPEECH 110 at UW-W in the DCP semester)
      • Corporate Analysis
      • Marketing You
      • Other Possible Courses: Human Resource Management, Organizational Leadership, and Creativity & Innovation
      • Exploring Communication Processes
      • Exploring Guest Service
      • Exploring Leadership
      • Exploring Marketing
      • Exploring People Management
      G. Check your UWW email account for messages from the instructor regarding advising, site visits, etc. Email instructor once every 7-10 days about your experiences (positive and/or negative) since your last email.
    • AFTER the Disney College Program experience:
    • H. Write a reflective report on the Disney College Program experience. This paper comprises the bulk of a student's grade for the course. Please note that it is due on the last day of UW-Whitewater's semester, not the last day of your Disney College Program experience.
      I. Meet with the course instructor to discuss the Disney College Program, the Disney courses, and this course.

  2. The course instructor will come to Orlando at least once during the work experience phase of the Disney College Program to:
    • Lecture and/or discuss readings
    • Advise (academic and career)
    • Review progress
    • Conduct worksite observations

    Students participating in the program at the Walt Disney World Resort will be required to meet with the instructor during these visits, if possible.

Course Grades

Letter Grades (or S/NC) will be assigned to the various activities associated with the Disney College Program and combined to determine course grades using their relative weights. The student and instructor will determine the appropriate grading importance (i.e. weights) for each activity when they meet to develop the Learning Contract (see above, under Course Procedures).

Get Started!

To find out more about earning credit for participating in the Disney College Program or to begin the process, contact one of the following individuals:

Laura Jacobs
Internship Coordinator
(262) 472-1606

Dr. Robert Gruber
Instructor, Applied Business Basics
(262) 472-5463

Troy Moldenhauer
Advisor, UWW WDW Alumni Association
(262) 472-1460