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Is your organization thinking about developing an internship? Or does your organization have an internship position to advertise to UW-Whitewater students? Connect with UW-Whitewater students today! The Career & Leadership Development Internship Coordinator is here to help you navigate the process of developing an internship, promoting an opportunity, and gaining access to the student talent you need.

As you contemplate creating an internship or as you begin the process of developing an opportunity, please make use of the resources provided here. For individualized consultation, contact the Internship Coordinator.

While you can offer an internship anytime during the year, here are the ideal recruitment timeframes.

  • Summer Internships (June-August): Recruit January through May
  • Fall Internships (September-December): Recruit April through August
  • Spring Internships (January-May): Recruit September through December

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