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Writing an Internship Position Description

Writing a good position description for your internship opportunity helps you attract the right candidates for the position and helps promote the name and reputation of your organization.

A good internship position description helps students. A student needs to know that the opportunity is appropriate for him/her. It also helps a student with his/her resume development, cover letter writing, and interview preparation.

A good internship position description also helps Career & Leadership Development promote your opportunity. A position description is necessary for posting the opportunity with Career & Leadership Development, and a good position description assists in getting information about the opportunity to appropriate student populations.

Elements to include in a position description:

  • Position title (be descriptive; don’t just use “intern”)
  • Name of the organization/company
  • Company and/or department information (function, mission, etc.)
  • Location (city, state)
  • Work activities/responsibilities
  • Qualifications/requirements: necessary skills, knowledge areas, required grade levels/class standings, specific coursework, etc.
  • Approximate duration (start date, end date)
  • Number of work hours per week
  • Financial compensation (if applicable)
  • Specific days/work hours per day (if applicable)
  • Special opportunities (travel, professional development, benefits, etc.)
  • Application deadline or indication that position is open until filled
  • Contact person: include his/her full name, title, phone/fax numbers, email address, and organization website