Warhawk Involvement Center

Student Org Advisors

Faculty/Staff Advisors serve as the primary advisors to Whitewater's 190+ student organizations and clubs. They are full time employees of the institution that have agreed to serve in this volunteer capacity. Each year confirmation of their position is sent from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs to formalize their commitment and coverage. Without the service of these individuals the quality of the student experience would be much less. Career & Leadership Development is very thankful for their time and efforts.

Individuals interested in assisting student organizations and clubs should contact Career & Leadership Development at 262-472-1471.

In hopes of improving the co-curricular experience for our students and those individuals serving them, a shift in our advisor philosophy is defined below.

The goals of this new concept are:

  • Foster improved academic success of students involved outside the classroom
  • Better define the expectations of those serving as advisors and
  • Create a framework for faculty/staff to actively foster connections and relationships that will improve the overall experience, retention and success of our students and their organizations.

Key Changes: Those serving as advisors will be called Campus Advisors and their expectations are listed below.  They will focus on the academic support of those involved and the connection to the University.


  • annually commits to serve as advisor through organization recognition / renewal process                              
  • works to facilitate learning among student participants
  • assists and advises the organization in ways to improve student academic performance  
  • attends occasional general member meetings                           
  • meets monthly with officers to discuss organization needs and issues                  
  • assists and advises the organization in ways that align with the LEAP initiatives, to improve understanding of co-curricular value, application and individual learning  

Exceeds Expectations

  • attends organization recognition / renewal meeting
  • assists and advises the organization in campus financial processes (unless a component of job description)
  • creates programs/offers to assist group in goal setting, assessment and annual transition process
  • attends majority of general member meetings

Advising Role Does Not Include:

  • Advising 3 or more groups (unless University or Departmentally Assigned)
  • Attending organization recognition/renewal and completing of process on behalf of organization
  • Making financial decisions and/or expenditures on behalf of organization, especially without member input
  • Scheduling and/or running general member meetings

Recipients of the Outstanding Advisor Award

Jen Kaina – Women’s Club Basketball, Men’s & Women’s Club Volleyball, Weightlifting Club and Women’s Rugby

Peter Mesner - Secular Student Association

Linda Amann - Institute of Management Accountants

William Dougan - CEO

Andre Douglas-Black Student Union

Dr. Tisa Mason-Delta Zeta & WSG

Kim Adams-Student Optimists

Jeanine Fassl-Forensics Team

Kim Marino-Golden Key

Paula Mohan-Campus Greens, Lambda Chi Alpha, PSSA, and Amnesty International

Nelia Olivencia-Latinos Unidos


Mike Wallace-SWSO
Michael Laird, Posthumously-Alpha Sigma