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Advising a Starting Group

UW-Whitewater Student Organization

When helping a Student Organization get started at UW-Whitewater, the initial step is to have the students contact Career & Leadership Development.  It takes two students to initiate the recognition process for a student organization.  Those two students will meet with the Student Organization Advisor in Career & Leadership Development to go through campus policy and procedure as well as resources provided for recognized organizations.  Advisors are welcome to attend this meeting as available.  In addition to the recognition meeting, groups are required to: 

  • Upload their group’s information on Join!
  • On D2L, both the leader and a second active student go through antihazing training and pass with at least an 80%
  • Write a constitution and submit the constitution through Join!

Once recognized, the group is afforded all rights and responsibilities included in being a UW-Whitewater Student Organization.  More details can be found in the Organization Recognition Policy.  Organizations are required to renew their recognized status on an annual basis (typically completed in late spring for the following academic year).

Resources for Helping the Group Succeed

As an advisor, one has a unique duty to assist and support the group, while maintaining the authority and autonomy of the students running the group.  To help you answer the many questions that may come to you, please utilize the following resources.  You may also contact Career & Leadership Development for assistance.  The Student Involvement Office is available to student and employee alike, and can be reached by phone (262-472-6217) or by e-mail at involvement@uww.edu.

Defining the Relationship between Organization and Advisor

It will be helpful to sit down with the officers/creators of the organization to discuss the students’ vision of your involvement and to share your expectations of involvement.  The Advisor Role/Responsibilities Clarification Worksheet may be a helpful resource for this process.

Creating a Constitution

A required document, the constitution defines the structure and mission of the organization as well as the operational processes by which the organization runs.  It is important that the document is created with input by members of the organization, reviewed and used regularly, and amended as needed.  UW-Whitewater Student Organizations must have constitutions that are no more than five years old.  If assisting the group in creating the document, use Writing a Constitution as an outline.

Running Effective Meetings

Many students have never run a meeting of any kind.  Advisors can help them by processing what needs to be accomplished as well as ways to reach those goals. Running Effective Meetings is a document that may help you and/or the leaders of the group to think about the ins and outs of creating an agenda and running the meetings from start to finish.

Liability and Managing Risk

Any activity beyond a typical meeting should be reviewed in light of the amount of risk it entails and any liability that may be incurred by sponsoring, running or supporting the activity.  There are many resources at an advisor and organization’s disposal:

  • Policies and Procedures regarding student organization activities are found on the Organization Resources Page.
  • Short but detailed presentations on travel, hold harmless forms and agent use are found here.
  • The Risk Management Office will create release forms upon request through an online process.

In addition, feel free to contact Career & Leadership Development at 262-472-1471 with any questions.

Budgeting and SUF-related Funding

For most student organizations at UW-Whitewater, funding is not available.  For those that meet the eligibility criteria, Segregated University Fees (SUF) funding may be available.  More information on this topic may be found under the Financial – Segragated University Fee (SUF) Related heading on the Organization Resources Page.

For most organizations, budgeting is a necessary component. For help in creating a budget, make an appointment with a Budget Specialist Intern in the Student Involvement Office by calling 262-472-6217 or e-mailing at involvement@uww.edu.

Additional Resources


Hazing is defined as "any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off-campus, that produces mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule."

  • Antihazing Policy
  • Training on what Hazing is and ways to avoid this type of behavior are found in a web-based training.  Any UW-Whitewater Employee or Student may take this free training. Register here


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