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IFC Executive Board
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Position Name Email Organization
President Joseph Dathe Sigma Tau Gamma
Vice President John Jenson Alpha Sigma Phi
Secretary Eric Schiesser Sigma Tau Gamma
Treasurer Corey Kennedy Lambda Chi Alpha
Philanthropy Mitchell Lemke   Alpha Sigma Phi
Public Relations Storm Walsh Pi Kappa Alpha
Education Ryan Kolter Alpha Sigma Phi
Social Tyler Gray Phi Chi Epsilon
Recruitment John Gonzalez Lambda Alpha Upsilon
Community Service Sam Grabon Delta Chi

North-American Interfraternity Conference
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IFC Organizations

Phi Chi Epsilon (IFC)

Founded April 21, 1921
Web site:

Phi Chi Epsilon was founded at UW-Whitewater in 1921. Phi Chi is the oldest local fraternity on Whitewater's campus. As a local fraternity, the chapter sets its own rules and governs itself according to the chapter's needs rather than national standards and regulations. Phi Chi Epsilon prides itself in strong brotherhood, unity and working together toward common goals. They rent their Chapter house

Current President: John Howell
Alumni Advisor: Dale Pebble
Campus Advisor: TBD

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (IFC)

Locally Founded (claimed Title 9 exempt in 89)

Phi Mu Alpha is a fraternity open to males of all majors. The only "common thread" is a love of music. We combine the best aspects of professionalism, service, and social qualities to form an extremely rewarding atmosphere. Our activities range from managing recitals for music majors to running Celebration every March.

Current President: Ronald Tenuta
Alumni Advisor: Matthew Kaempfe
Campus Advisor: Dr. Glenn Hayes

Pi Kappa Alpha (IFC)

Locally Founded: August 13, 1998
Web site:

Pi Kappa Alpha will set the standard of integrity, intellect, and achievement for our members, host institutions, and the communities in which we live. Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, and high moral character and to fostering a truly lifelong fraternal experience. They are renovating a house to become their chapter house on Prairie St.

Current President: Timothy Shaffer
Alumni Advisor: Adam Weiling
Campus Advisor: Elizabeth Watson

Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc (IFC)

Locally Founded: 2010
Web site:

This organization provides the Latino college student the opportunity to be part of a family with a mission to cultivate brotherhood, value education, and raise the social and cultural conscience of the Latino male college student.

Current President: Agustin Quintana
Current Advisor: Dr. Thomas Rios

Delta Chi (IFC)

Nationally Founded October 13, 1890
Web site:

The members of The Delta Chi Fraternity, believe that great advantages are to be derived from a brotherhood of college men, appreciating that close association may promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education.

Current President: Matthew Evanoff
Alumni Advisor: Mark Shramka
Campus Advisor: Curt Weber

Lambda Alpha Upsilon (IFC)

Nationally Founded December 10, 1985
Web site:

The mission of Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity is to be a network of professionals that promote brotherhood, scholarship and service to the community. The fraternity promotes brotherhood by providing its members personal and professional support on an undergraduate and alumni level.

Current President: Chester LeBron
Campus Advisor: Pilar Melero

COLONIES - will be able to vote on IFC but not pay dues. All will begin their recruitment full after Formal rush is completed.

Lambda Chi Alpha (IFC)

Nationally Founded 1909
Web site:

We believe in Lambda Chi Alpha, and its traditions, principles and ideals. The crescent is our symbol; pure, high ever growing, and the cross is our guide; denoting service, sacrifice, and even suffering and humiliation before the world, bravely endured if need be, in following that ideal.

Current President: Derrick Driscoll
Alumni Advisor: Nick Weisensel
Campus Advisor: Eric Field

Sigma Tau Gamma (IFC)

Nationally Founded 1920
Web site:

Sigma Tau Gamma believes that a social Fraternity must be dedicated to the highest ideals of manhood and brotherhood; to congeniality, the development of good personal characteristics and social poise; to good scholarship, mature thinking and action; and, to loyalty and service to college, community, country and Fraternity.

Current President:Michael Rochford
Alumni Advisor: Richard James
Campus Advisor: Tobie Wilkinson