Important Dates

Event Date & Time Location
Forms & Cover Charge Due September 28, 2007 — 4:00PM Drumlin 120
Warhawk Braianiac Challenge Pick-Up October 10, 2007 — 1:00PM - 6:00PM Drumlin 120
WBC Packet Due October 12, 2007 — 2:05PM Games, by Perkins Stadium
Games October 12, 2007 — 2:00PM - 5:00PM By Perkins Stadium
Trivia Results Announced October 12, 2007 — 7:00PM During Spirit Rally, Williams Center, Gym 4
Games Results Announced October 13, 2007 — 1:00PM During Football Game, Perkins Stadium


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General Rules

  1. Each organization entering shall complete a Game Roster sheet. This will indicate the games in which they will participate.
  2. Each organization participating in the games must pay a $5 cover charge to cover the rental of equipment. This cover charge is due at the time you hand in the Participation Entry Form and the Games Roster Form on Friday, September 28, to Leadership Development, Drumlin 120, by 4:00PM.
  3. The Tug of War will be run and judged in these categories (Men, Women, and Coed) only and will not be run in divisions. (EXAMPLE: Men's Category would include all men's halls, social fraternities, and male only organizations.) All other games will run under normal divisions.
  4. Groups may enter/participate in as few or as many games as they choose.
  5. Members of groups not participating in a specific event must not be on or run through the playing field. Points will be deducted or the group will be disqualified from the game being run.

Good sportsmanship is expected and required.

Please be aware these games are physical activities, so be careful! HSC is not liable for any injuries incurred while participating in or viewing all games.

The following games are scheduled for Firday, October 12, between 2:00PM-5:00PM near Perkins Stadium. In case of iclement weather, call Leadership Development at extension 3191 after 12:00PM for decision to postpone, move, or cancel.

Mystery Game

  1. Team of four - coed, must have two males, two females.
  2. Optional: knee pads, elbow pads, gloves.
  3. Must wear tennis shoes.

Warhawk Braniacs Challenge

  1. Time: Pick up Warhawk Brainiacs Challenge (WBC) on Wednesday, October 10, between 1:00PM — 6:00PM at Leadership Development. Packet is due on Friday, October 12, at the Games (by Perkins Stadium) by 2:05PM.
  2. 100 questions
  3. 1 point each
  4. Must be typed
  5. Either right or all wrong (NO half points)
  6. HSC encourages use of Faculty/Staff
    1. NO use of Homecoming Steering Committee member, SEAL, Warhawk Ambassador, or Leadership Development staff is permitted.
  7. Part of GAMES score
  8. Top 3 in each division will be announced and displayed at Games (Greeks, Residence Halls, and Student Organizations).

Hard Core Obstacle Course

  1. 4 people needed, does need to be coed.
  2. 4 obstacle courses in the event.
  3. Obstacle course is a timed event.
  4. Optional: knee pads, elbow pads, gloves
  5. Must wear tennis shoes

Tug of War — Rope Burn

  1. Each team will consist of six members. One team per group. Coed teams shall have no more than three men.
  2. No spikes/cleats. Any person wearing spikes (rubber or metal) will disqualify their team.
  3. There will be an unlimited participant weight total.
  4. No wrapping the rope around the wrist.
  5. A single elimination tournament shall be held. Places in the brackets will be determined by an open draw.
  6. No helping contestants in the way of touching the rope or the contestant is disqualified.
  7. Gloves may be worn.
  8. A scarf will be secured to the middle of a rope. Ten or more feet will separate the teams as marked. The scarf will start suspended in the middle of the gap, at a designated line. At the start signal, both teams will begin to try to pull the scarf to their side of the gap. Lines on the ground will determine the end of the gap. A time limit of ten minutes will be placed on each 'pull.'
  9. The same team members must pull in all rounds with two alternates. Teams violating this rule will be disqualified. Team members will be marked during first round pull. Must have six people to pull.
  10. Decisions by the judges are FINAL.


  1. Ten members per team. One team per group. Coed teams shall have no more than five men.
  2. The pyramid is built for time only. Once built, you must hold it for ten seconds. There will be a ten yard running start.
  3. Lowest level of pyramid must have hands and knees touching grass at all times.
  4. One attempt per team.
  5. Everyone must start standing straight up.
  6. Gloves must be worn.
  7. Decisions by the judges are FINAL.

Questions? Concerns?

Please direct any questions regarding the Games to Ellie Farris, Brian Fettes, Collin Wallace, or Liz Zemlicka, Games Coordinators, by leaving a message at Leadership Development, 472-3191.