Variety Show


1) Pi Kappa Alpha

11) AMA


12) Dance Company

3) Wells West

13) Alpha Sigma

4) ISA

14) Lee/Fricker

5) LU

15) SAO


16) Clem/Bigelow

7) Delta Zeta

17) Sigma Sigma Sigma

8) Wells East

18) Wellers/Knilans

9) Tau Phi Lambda

19) BSU

10) Arey/Benson

20) Dance Team

Important Dates

Event Date & Time Location
Forms Due September 28, 2007 — 4:00PM Drumlin 120
Audition (Mandatory) September 30, 2007 — 12:00PM (noon) Esker 108
CD / Cassette Due October 1, 2007 — 12:00PM (noon) Drumlin 120
Ticket Lottery October 1, 2007 — 9:15PM Winther 2001
Tickets Available October 3, 2007 — 9:30AM Ticket Center, Center of the Arts
Ticket Pick-Up Deadline October 4, 2007 — 12:00PM (noon) Ticket Center, Center of the Arts
Remaining Tickets For Sale October 5, 2007 — 9:00AM Ticket Outlets
Dress Rehearsal (Mandatory) October 7, 2007 — 12:00PM (noon) Whitewater Armory
Variety Show October 10, 2007 — 8:00PM ILY Auditorium


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Homecoming Button & Student ID


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Judging will be based on the following areas:


Adhering to Homecoming Theme






Costume / Props


Audience Response


Total Points



  1. Live Music Performance
    1. Solo or Group
    2. In the above category the majority of performance is live, no pre-recorded music will be allowed, except in the form of an instrumental accompaniment.
  2. Novelty/Skit
    1. Comedy, Magic, Drama, etc.
    2. No vocal/instrument (live) music performances will be allowed in this category except for background music or as necessary to the plot of the skit.
  3. Dance/Lip Sync
    1. Solo or Group
    2. No live narration
    3. Emphasis on performing to recorded music

Rules & Guidelines

Each organization is limited to ONE act. The Homecoming Steering Committee reserves the right to classify each act as it sees fit.

The time limit for each act will be FIVE minutes. Acts are limited to 20 performers and one stage manager (to coordinate the performance). Prop limitations will be discussed at the auditions. The entries will be judged by a five-member committee consisting of UW-W faculty, staff, alums, and students.

At the audition, groups will need to perform their complete act once. Costumes and props are not required. The Variety Show is limited to 20 acts. Groups will be dropped from the line-up for inappropriate acts, a lack of planning, or overall level of quality.

Groups providing recorded music/accompaniment of any kind must submit it on one CD or 60 minute cassette on the day after the audition, October 1, by 12:00PM (noon). CDs are preferred. They will be converted for use in the show. No stop/start of supplied music will be allowed.

All acts selected from the audition process will be required to perform at the dress rehearsal on Sunday, October 7, at 12:00PM (noon), at the Whitewater Armory. Acts must be performance ready (props not required, costumes are required). All technical needs (lighting, sound, smoke machines) and a rough idea of the stage layout will be noted at this time. The dress rehearsal will be videotaped.


Questions? Concerns?

Please direct any questions regarding the Variety Show to Joelle Dahlman or Alex Schneider, Variety Show Coordinators, by leaving a message at Leadership Development, 472-3191. Decisions of the judges are FINAL.