Homecoming 2009


Important Dates

Event Date & Time Location
Entry Forms Due Tuesday, Oct. 6 • 9:15pm UC 264
Mandatory Meeting Tuesday, Oct. 6 • 9:15pm UC 264
Interviews Sunday, Oct. 11 • 12:00pm - 4:00pm UC 261
Campaigning Begins Monday, Oct. 12 • 7:00am  
Voting Thursday, Oct. 15 • 11:00am - 6:00pm UC Concourse
Poster Removal Deadline Friday, Oct. 16 • 11:00am  
Budget & Receipts Due Friday, Oct. 16 • 4:00pm UC 146
Top Candidates Announced Mon., Oct. 19 • 7:30pm (at dance) UC Hamilton Center
King & Queen Announced Wed., Oct. 21 • 8:00pm (at Variety Show) Young Auditorium


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Homecoming Court Rules


  1. All recognized campus organizations may enter candidates.
    1. Candidates must have completed at least one semester at UW-Whitewater unless they are a representative of a Year One hall. Minimum GPA of 2.0 is required. Candidates must be enrolled at full-time status. Only 1 male and 1 female student can represent an organization. Individuals representing any organization can only participate if they were not members of the Homecoming 2008 Court (regardless of whom they represented).
    2. To be eligible, candidates must be sponsored by at least one recognized campus organization.
      1. Campus Organizations - A set of candidates can be sponsored by either one organization or by two organizations.
      2. Greek Organizations - The set of candidates will represent the Greek organizations and shall consist of a male candidate sponsored by Interfraternity Council, and a female candidate sponsored by the Panhellenic Council and turned in as a slate by the deadline.
      3. Residence Halls - A set of candidates can be sponsored by one co-ed hall or by a complex.
  2. Candidates must have a campaign manager who will attend the candidate meetings. Attendance will be taken.
  3. There is a MANDATORY meeting of all candidates and their campaign managers on Tuesday, October 6, in University Center 264 at 9:15 pm. Please bring pencils, paper, and completed entry forms. Candidates will sign up for interviews and have their photos taken at this time.
  4. The Homecoming Court shall consist of five sets of candidates selected by vote and by interview points. Should any candidates be disqualified for not meeting the requirements, the candidates with the next highest number of points will move into the open position.


  1. Interviews of all candidates will be held on Sunday October 11 in UC 262 from 12-6 pm in 15 minute time slots. The couples with the top eight scores from the interview will appear on the ballot. The 2008 King & Queen will be determined by the interviews (counting as 60%) and through the popular vote of the student body (counting as 40%). The interview committee shall consist of faculty, staff and HSC alums.
  2. Candidates may also be critiqued by a non-scoring interviewer to receive feedback on their interview, style and answer.


(Vote deduction per violations)

  1. There will be one voting location:
    1. The election will take place on Thursday, October 15, 2009. The voting area will be located in the University Center. Candidates will not be permitted to campaign inside the building where voting is occurring. This includes those running the voting areas. (20 votes)
    2. All candidates on the ballot will be introduced on Monday, October 49, at the dance in the Hamilton Center, University Center. The five sets of candidates who will make up the 2009 Homecoming Court will also be announced at that time.
    3. The 2009 Homecoming Court, as announced Monday night, will be introduced again on Wednesday, October 21 at the Variety Show. The couple with the most points will then be introduced as the 2009 Homecoming King & Queen. Attendance of the entire 2009 Homecoming Court is required. Each member of the court must have a ticket to watch the variety show.

Formal Campaigning

  1. On Monday, October 12 at 7:00 am, all candidates will be permitted to campaign with their literature, buttons, handouts, etc. Candidates may campaign on the mall, at meetings and at various functions on campus. No campaigning (except by word of mouth) may be done prior to that time. (20 votes)
  2. Campaigning in Esker and Drumlin Halls will be limited to one poster (4' x 4' maximum, must be posted in designated areas), per set of candidates in each dining hall. No other posters, flyers or table tents of any kind will be allowed in the dining halls. All postings are subject to approval. (10 votes)
  3. Campaigning in all other campus buildings other than your own residence hall is limited to posters no larger than 17" x 22" which may only be placed on bulletin boards in designated areas. Posters are subject to approval guidelines in all university buildings following campus posting policy. (10 votes)
  4. Beginning at 7:00 am Monday, October 12, campaigning in your own residence hall is unlimited, subject to the approval of the Hall Director. (Discretion of Homecoming Steering Committee)
  5. No outside banners will be allowed anywhere on or off campus with the exception of candidate's own residence hall, house, or chapter house. (20 votes)
  6. All posters and banners are required to be removed by 11:00 am, Friday, October 16, 2009. (10 votes per infraction)
  7. Personal appearance campaigning is only permitted on the mall (from the Library to the Bookstore) or at meetings as approved by the meeting sponsors. (30 votes)
  8. There may not be any door-to-door solicitation. (20 votes)
  9. Flyers may be posted only on bulletin boards where allowable in campus buildings. (10 votes)
  10. Animals may not be used in campaigning other than in photographs. (10 votes)
  11. Publicity expenditure will be limited to $200 per set of candidates on the ballot. A complete budget must be kept and all receipts kept for proof of purchases. Any over-spending or mishandling of books will result in immediate disqualification. The budget and receipts must be turned in to Career & Leadership Development, UC Room 146, by 4:00 pm on Friday, October 16. This shall include organizational funds, donations (private or corporate/business) and corporate/business sponsorship. Corporate/business donations or sponsorship must follow the University Policy on corporate/business sponsorship. (Disqualification)
  12. There will be NO campaigning through ANY campus media source (Cable 6, WSUW, Royal Purple, E-mail, Electronic Message Board, Signboards, etc.). (Disqualification)
  13. Chalking with washable chalk will only be permitted on cement sidewalks (i.e., NO chalking on buildings, benches, campus signs, classroom chalkboards, or on any vertical surface). The chalk must be in an area where rainfall will remove it. No spray chalk. (20 votes)
  14. Defacement or removal of campaigning material of any candidate is prohibited. (30 votes)

Rule Violations

  1. Any UW-Whitewater student, faculty or staff may submit a complaint about a rule violation.
  2. All complaints in regard to rule violations must be presented in writing to the Homecoming Court Coordinator, Career & Leadership Development, UC146, describing in detail the incident in question. This must be done within 24 hours of the infraction. The complaint must also include the reporting individual(s)' name(s) and phone number(s).
  3. The Homecoming Steering Committee Review Board will rule on the complaint. Decisions made by the Homecoming Steering Committee Review Board are FINAL.


  1. The top 8 candidates will be placed on the ballot.
  2. Voting for the election will be held Thursday, October 15, 2009, from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm (all day). Voting will take place in the University Center. Students must present their University ID in order to vote.
  3. Students will be permitted to vote for up to three sets of candidates.
  4. A member of HSC will be present at the voting booth to oversee voting operations.


  1. The Homecoming Court will be announced at the Homecoming Dance, October 19. Top 8 court candidates attendance is required at the Homecoming Dance.
  2. Top 5 court candidates attendance is required at the Variety Show, October 21.
  3. The Homecoming Court is invited to participate in the Parade on Saturday, October 24. Cars will be provided for the couples. Court candidates (with the exception of the King and Queen) must supply their own car signs.
  4. The King and Queen are required to participate in the Homecoming Parade. Their car and sign will be provided by the Homecoming Steering Committee.
  5. The Homecoming Court will be required to be at the halftime and postgame activities of the Homecoming Football Game on Saturday, October 24.
  6. Court pairs are required to be on time for each of the events. If a couple is late for an event, points will be deducted from that candidate's organization point total.
  7. Court participants are prohibited from using alcohol or other drugs during Homecoming events. (Disqualification)

Any questions concerning the Homecoming Court should be directed to Brianna or Ashley P., Career & Leadership Development, UC146, 472-1471.

Please Note: Spirit points may be awarded to a candidate's sponsoring organization(s) to reward positive attitude and behavior by court candidates.