Homecoming 2009


At the 2nd general meeting on Monday, May 3rd 2010, a lottery will be held in order for groups to sign up for a specific theme concept. Groups are encouraged to incorporate this theme throughout their homecoming participation. Groups may also choose themes during the fall semester. Examples are provided on a separate handout. All theme changes and/or additions after May 3rd must be registered by contacting Shannon Malchow, HSC Chair, at 262-472-1471 or homecoming@uww.edu. HSC will determine the appropriate nature of any theme requests.

Organization Theme
SAM Guitar Hero
WAA Mouse Trap
Optimist Club Hi Ho Cherrio
Dance Company Charades
PSE Battleship
Spanish Club Uno
Clem/Bigelow Dance Dance Revolution
Women's Rugby Operations
Tau Phi Lambda Donkey Kong
NSSHLA Don't Break the Ice
Phi Beta Lambda Price Is Right
BSU Sonic the Hedgehog
Student WEA Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader
DECA Titanic
Navigators Pictionary
Kappa Delta Pi Gooey Louie
Student Council for Exceptional Children Leap Frog
Delta Omicron Rockband
Habitat Sims
Army ROTC Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Campus Crusade Pacman
SAO Chess
Circle K Quidditch
SAGE Rock/Paper/Scissors
DAAC Frogger
French Society Fefa
Wells East Hungry Hungry Hippos
Phi Mu Alpha Super Smash Brothers
Lee/Fricker Jumanji
Delta Chi Epsilon Madden
LU Mario Cart
Wells West Tetris
Starin Candy Land
Alpha Sigma Rock 'em, Sock 'em Robots
Lambda Chi Jeopardy
Tutt/Fischer/Goodhue Ghost in the Graveyard
Sigma Sigma Sigma Clue
Arey/Benson Life
Pi Kappa Alpha Monopoly
Delta Zeta Apples to Apples