Homecoming 2011

Awareness and Service Information

"Changing Dreams in Reality"

Dream 1 - Change Drive

  1. Love and Family- Biological or Warhawk! Celebrate togetherness and help Treyton's Field of Dreams come true.
  2. Each division and the community will have the opportunity to compete in a change drive for a "star" cause. Monies raised will be matched and presented to Treyton's Field of Dreams at the Homecoming football game.
  3. A penny or more can help carry a dream into reality.
  4. Bring change of any kind and put it in your divisional container starting October 19th at Homecoming events, Homecoming meetings, UC Hall table, or Career & Leadership Development (UC 146). Change amounts will be totaled and updates given often. Purple points will be accepted!

Dream 2 - Pledge to reduce Auto Related Deaths

Pledge to have zero fatalities on the roads of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation's program POWER OF ZERO is designed to do just that! Sign a pledge card and make a "bat" to show us your commitment. "Bats" will be displayed in the UC and at the football game. Ribbons will be given to all that participate in the pledge. Pledge "bats" will be available starting October 19th until October 28th. This might help your group earn spirit points.

Why These Dreams Matter

A drunk driver took a 6-year-old boy's life from him last year. Next to his family- baseball was his passion and dream. His family wants to remember him by giving back to the community in the form of an amazing baseball feild. They have raised $155,00+ out of $471,000 and need our help to raise the rest. (www.treysfield.org).

Here are some facts about drinking and driving in the state of Wisconsin:

  • Wisconsin has the highest rate of drunken driving arrest in the nation.
  • More than 26% of Wisconsin adults admit to drunk driving.
  • 10,839 people were killed in crashes where alcohol was involved in 2009.

"A careless moment could become a lifetime of regret!"

Questions concerning the Awarness Campaign should be directed to Rose, Nakeshia, or Heena, the Awareness Coordinators, by emailing them at homecoming@uww.edu or by leaving a message at Career & Leadership Development at 262-472-1471.