Homecoming 2011

Champion's Trophy

One Champion's trophy will be awarded in each division (Greek, Student Organization and Residence Hall). Points will be accumulated throughout Homecoming week by participating in events. The group in each division receiving the most points will be awarded the Champion's trophy at the football game on October 29th. Champion points are not applied to the Chancellor's Spirit Cup.

The decision of the Homecoming Steering Committee is FINAL.

The Homecoming Champion's Trophy and Chancellor's Spirit Cup are presented by the Chancellor and are designated as traveling trophies. Thus, the 2011 recipients of the trophies and cups will be permitted to retain the trophy for display, recruitment, and/or other organizational purposes until October 1st, 2012.

Earning Champion's Points

Championship points are awarded in each division as follows:

Variety Show Audition**  Yell Like Hell
Variety Show Performance Parade - Marching Unit
Window Painting Contest Parade - Float Entry
Bowling Billiards
Brainiacs (Trivia) Court Participation***
Music Trailer Games (Waddle, Tug, Mystery)

1st Place: 200 points
2nd Place: 150 points
3rd Place: 100 points
Participation (apply only to organizations that do not place in that event): 50 points      
**Variety Show Audition: 25 points
***Court Participation: 25 pts/candidate

Additional points can be earned towards the Champion's Trophy by completing projects, selling buttons, attending general meetings and other activities. 

Points will be awarded as follows:

General Meeting Attendance
50 points per meeting can be earned by each group with at least two representatives (no more than five, please) attending the meeting.  Attendees must sign in and remain for the meeting.

Button Sales - Limited Supply
Groups may receive Championship Points for selling buttons.  This year, when 50 buttons (5 packages) are purchased by an organization, they will receive 25 points (20 buttons = 10 points).  A maximum of 200 buttons or 100 points will be awarded.  However, there will be no limit as to the number of buttons sold.  Groups selling more than 200 buttons will be considered for additional Spirit Points.  Buttons may be purchased at General Member Meetings.  You will need a button to:  enter the Variety Show with a $0 ticket and/or the Dance at no cost.

Cash or Checks (payable to UW-Whitewater) are accepted.  There is a limited supply of homecoming buttons.  They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Special Projects
Groups can earn 25-125 points for their first project. Groups signing up for and completing an additional project will accumulate 50 extra points (not the listed value of the project if it is more than 50).  Any project not completed to the satisfaction of the Homecoming Steering Committee could be awarded less points.

Project lists will be provided at the General Meeting on Monday, October 3rd, with the Project lottery occurring at the General Meeting on Monday, October 10th.