Homecoming 2011

2011 Homecoming Steering Committee

The Homecoming Steering Committee is composed of a group of students who are responsible for planning and implementing the 2011 Homecoming activities at UW-Whitewater.  Students are selected to serve on the committee based upon their involvement and academic achievement.  Contact Career & Leadership Development, 262-472-1471, with any questions.  Please do not call these individuals at home.  If you are interested in being a part of the 2012 Homecoming Steering Committee please contact Kim, Jan, Sarah or Donvontae at 262-472-1471or email us at homecoming@uww.edu.

Positions PDF

Position Name(s)
Chair Donvontae Walton
Variety Show Melinda Diedrich-Otto
Variety Show Veronica Havard
Fundraising Janelle Blanks
Fundraising Visnu Manoharan
Awareness Campaign Rose Schneider
Awareness Campaign Heena Ahmed
Awareness Campaign Nakeshia Worthington
Publicity Cody Scmittinger
Dance Catherine Gangi
Parade Kristie Pedersen
Parade Austina Watson
Games Amanda Shepherd
Court Danielle Reavis
Secretary Devin Post
Assistant Secretary Jessica Kearney
Triple B Erin Skaer
Triple B Brittney Powrozek
Spirit Rally / Yell Like Hell Janelle Hineman
Movie Trailers Sharyn Levin
Window Painting Molly Rezel
Advisor Kim Clarksen
Advisor Jan Bilgen
Advisor (Senior Awards) Sarah Suter