Homecoming 2011

Parade Information

Saturday, October 29
Parade Start 10 AM

CHECK-IN: Parking Lot North of Center of the Arts (Lot 2)
PARADE ROUTE: Intersection of Main/Prince to Intersection of Main/Fremont

  1. The proper parade unit entry form(s) MUST be submitted ONLINE at https://my.uww.edu by 11:59pm on Thursday, October 13, 2011.
  2. Categories for all divisions are as follows: 
    1. Float (pulled behind another vehicle)
    2. Marching Units (MUST continue to move and not stop to perform.)
  3. Car entries are encouraged but will NOT be judged.
  4. A first place will be awarded in each division.  There will not be an overall winner awarded.
  5. Professional help of any kind in the planning or construction of the float or marching unit will result in automatic disqualification.
  6. No float may be higher than 12 feet (to avoid traffic signals above street).  (disqualification and removal from parade prior to start)
  7. Each float must be able to move forward at a controlled rate of 5 mph.
  8. Judging of floats will be done in these areas:
  9. Category Points
    Adhering to Group's Homecoming Theme 35
    Workmanship 25
    Originality 20
    Overall Impression 15
    Use of Color 5
    Total 100
  10. Judging of marching units will be done in these areas:
  11. Category Points
    Adhering to Homecoming Theme 40
    Originality 20
    Overall Impression 20
    Unity 20
    Total 100
  12. Guidelines for parade participation of political groups and/or political candidates are as follows (must complete a-c and either d or e below):
    1. Complete and submit the parade unit entry form by the required date
    2. Participation must be approved by the Homecoming Steering Committee
    3. $50 non-refundable participation fee turned in by the required date (checks written to UW-Whitewater)
    4. and…

    5. Sponsorship by a UW-Whitewater (currently) recognized student organization AND completion of all items above.
    6. or

    7. Special invitation by the Homecoming Steering Committee.
  13. The parade will start at 10:00 am.  All groups entering the competition mustcheck-in at Carlson/Center of the Arts Lot (lot 2) at their assigned time.  Late check-ins will result in a 15 point penalty.
  14. Absolutely No Day-Of Parade Entries!!!
  15. All units being judged in the parade must slow down but not stop while passing the judges' platform and maintain a 15 yard distance from the unit in front of them.
  16. Entrants are NOT PERMITTED TO HAVE ANY BEVERAGES, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, at any time along the parade route.  Any entry promoting the use of alcohol, using profanity, vulgarity, sexually explicit material, or implying racial discrimination will be disqualified and removed from the parade and risk future ban from Homecoming activities.
  17. No candy, gum, etc., may be THROWN from any floats or cars, only from walking parade participants.  Throwing candy from floats encourages kids to run into the street to catch candy.  Please only hand candy out close to the curbs and safely away from moving vehicles.
  18. Remember!!  Check-ins and line up for the parade will take place at the assigned times on Saturday, October 29th.  All entries should be lined up and ready to go at these assigned times.
  19. Entries longer than 30 feet must give HSC notification by Monday, October 17th and be approved by the Homecoming Steering Committee in advance.
  20. Entries wishing to use animals must notify the Homecoming Steering Committee by Monday, October 17th, and have liability waivers and health certifications signed by owners.
  21. The City of Whitewater Fire Department and the Homecoming Steering Committee request that you take precautions when using flammable materials in the construction of your float.  (Sources of non-flammable float decoration are available at Career & Leadership Development, UC 146.)
  22. Decisions of the Judges are FINAL.

Questions concerning the parade should be directed to Tina or Kristie, Parade Coordinators, by emailing Homecoming@uww.edu or by leaving a message at Career & Leadership Development, 262-472-1471.