Homecoming 2011

How to Get Involved

We want your organization to be part of Homecoming! On this page, you can find information that will start your organization on the right path to involvement.

How to Participate

There's room for every group to participate in Homecoming. Here's how:

  • Gauge the interest and skills of your organization.
  • Select one, two, or how many events that will work for your group.
  • Attend Homecoming General Member meetings in October, Mondays at 9:15pm.
  • Submit necessary forms by deadline on calendar.

Some suggestions

Here are some suggestions on what you can try!

If you have: Small Group Small Group Medium Group Large Group
WITH: Creative Members Energetic Members
TRY: Parade Games Court ALL OF IT!
    Yell-Like-Hell Parade
Variety Show Games

Benefits of Participating

There are many ways in which participating benefits your organization:

  • You get the opportunity to work with other campus groups.
  • All events can be used as social events for your organization.
  • You can show your support by sponsoring an event while raising campus awareness.
  • You have the opportunity to recruit future organization members and get your name out.