Homecoming 2012

Homecoming Games Information

Wednesday, October 17th
Kachel Field House, 5 PM

  1. The entry forms MUST be submitted ONLINE at https://my.uww.edu by 11:55pm on Wednesday, October 3rd. This will indicate which of the activities (Mystery Game, Warhawk Waddle, and/or Tug of War) you will participate in. 
  2. The $5.00 non-refundable fee for the rental of equipment MUST be submitted to Career & Leadership Development/HSC by the end of the Homecoming Information meeting at 9:15pm on Monday, October 8th in UC – Summers AuditoriumMake sure you get a receipt! 
  3. The Tug of War will be run and judged in three categories based on gender identities of participants (Male, Female, and Coed). The Warhawk Waddle and Mystery Game will be run and judged in three divisions (Student Organizations, Greeks and Residence Hall Complexes).
  4. Groups may enter/participate in as few or as many games as they choose. 
  5. Members of groups not participating in a specific event must not be on or run through the playing field.  Points will be deducted or the group will be disqualified from the games. (HSC Discretion)
  6. Hold Harmless forms are available online and must be signed by all participants and turned in no later than 4:45pm on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 at the Fieldhouse.  If hold harmless forms are not turned in, the group will not participate. 

Good sportsmanship is expected and required.

Please be aware these games are physical activities, so be careful!  HSC is not liable for any injuries incurred while participating in or viewing all games.

The following games are scheduled for Wednesday, October 17th, from 5 to 7 pm in the Kachel Field House:

MYSTERY GAME (divisional competition)

  1. Each team will consist of four members.  One team per group. Co-ed teams have no gender identity requirements.
  2. Participants must wear tennis shoes.
  3. Each organization is required to follow the direction of the HSC Game Coordinator.
  4. Decisions by the judges are FINAL.


  1. Each team will consist of six members.  One team per group.  Coed teams shall have three or more members identifying as female. 
  2. No spikes/cleats.  Any person wearing spikes (rubber or metal) will disqualify his/her team.
  3. There will be an unlimited participant weight total.
  4. No wrapping the rope around the wrist.
  5. A single elimination tournament shall be held.  Places in the brackets will be determined in advance by an open draw.
  6. No helping contestants in the way of touching the rope otherwise they will be disqualified
  7. Gloves must be worn and will be supplied by HSC.
  8. A scarf will be secured to the middle of a rope.  Ten or more feet will separate the teams as marked.  The scarf will start suspended in the middle of the gap, at a designated line.  At the start signal, both teams will begin to try to pull the scarf to their side of the gap.  Lines on the ground will determine the end of the gap.  A time limit of ten minutes will be placed on each "pull."
  9. The same team members must pull in all rounds with two alternates.  Teams violating this rule will be disqualified.  Team members will be marked during first round pull.  Teams must have 6 people to pull.
  10. Decisions by the judges are FINAL.

WARHAWK WADDLE (divisional competition)

  1. Each team will consist of ten members.  One team per group. Co-ed teams have no gender identity requirements.
  2. The Warhawk Waddle is built for teamwork, communication and time. Once participants are standing on both skis behind the start line, there will be a start signal and timing will begin.
  3. Individuals must move together on the skis 10 feet. The whole team must move past the finish line on the skis (no stepping off until the last person has crossed the finish line). At any point in time if someone steps off the ski and/or touches the floor with their feet or hands the team must start over.
  4. Participants may not piggy back on one-another. Team members must hold onto the straps provided and have contact with their feet on the skis as well. If in doubt about your strategy, please contact the HSC Game Coordinators.
  5. Everyone must start and remain standing on the webbed skis.
  6.  Decisions by the judges are FINAL.

All abilities are welcome to participate. Individuals in need of accommodations should contact Kim at homecoming@uww.edu or 262-472-1471 as soon as possible.

Questions concerning the Homecoming Games should be directed to Heena Ahmed or Erin Skaer, the Game Coordinators, by emailing homecoming@uww.edu or leaving a message at Career & Leadership Development at 262-472-1471.