Homecoming 2012

Spirit Rally / Yell Like Hell Information

Friday, October 19th • 6:00 PM
Williams Center - Gym 1

  1. "Yell Like Hell" will be held during the Spirit Rally.
  2. Each group will perform a cheer of its choice in the designated area.
  3. Each organization is limited to 60 seconds for its presentation. A 15-point deduction will be made to any entry going over the time limit.  Timing begins when choreographed movement begins.
  4. Entry form must be submitted online at https://my.uww.edu by 11:5 pm on Wednesday, October 3rd.
  5. Submit cheer via email to homecoming@uww.edu by Monday, October 8th. You may also bring it to the meeting at 9:15pm.  Must include list of props to be used (i.e. signs, instruments, etc.)
  6. Order of performance will be displayed at the General Information Meeting on Monday, October 8th. Those not submitting a cheer will immediately be disqualified from the competition.
  7. Faculty, staff and alumni will judge using a point system of 1-10 for spirit, volume/clarity, originality, organization, crowd response, and adherence to theme (and time limit is taken into account as well).
  8. All participants should assemble at Gym 1 of the Williams Center at the beginning of the Spirit Rally and check in with the HSC Committee members by 5:50pm. Failure to check-in on time or not show will result in removal from competition.
  9. Decisions by the judges are FINAL.

NOTE:  Any cheer promoting irresponsible use of alcohol, using profanity, or implying sexual or racial discrimination is not permitted.  Your cheer should also support good sportsmanship. Any organizations using such cheers or displaying public drunkenness will be automatically disqualified and potentially banned from other homecoming activities.

Questions concerning the "Yell Like Hell" should be directed to Samantha, the Spirit Coordinator via e-mail at homecoming@uww.edu or calling Career & Leadership Development, at 262-472-1471.