Homecoming 2012

Variety Show Information

Thursday, October 18th
Irvin L. Young Auditorium, 8:00 PM

*No flags will be allowed in the auditorium


  1. Live Music Performance
    • Solo or Group
    • In the above category the majority of performance is live, no pre-recorded music will be allowed, except in the form of an instrumental accompaniment.
  2. Novelty/Skit
    • Comedy, Magic, Drama, etc.
    • No vocal/instrumental (live) music performances will be allowed in this category except for background music or as necessary to the plot of the skit.
  3. Dance/Lip Sync
    • Solo or Group
    • No live narration
    • Emphasis on performing to recorded music

Each organization is limited to ONE act.

The Homecoming Steering Committee reserves the right to classify each act as it deems appropriate.

The time limit for each act will be FIVE minutes. Acts are limited to 20 performers and one stage manager (to coordinate the performance). Prop limitations will be discussed at the auditions. The entries will be judged by a five-seven member panel consisting of UW-W faculty, staff, and, alumni.

To be considered for the Variety Show, all entries must complete the following steps:

1. Groups will sign up for their audition time slot at the General Info Meeting on Monday, October 1st.

2. All entries will need to complete a registration form online at https://my.uww.edu by 11:55 pm Wednesday, October 3rd.

3. Audition! Auditions will take place in UC- 259 on Sunday, October 7th from 3-7 PM. At the audition, groups will need to perform their complete act once. (Costumes and props are not required.) The auditions will be videotaped.

The Variety Show is limited to 20 acts. Groups will be dropped from the line-up for inappropriate acts, a lack of planning, or an overall low level of quality.

Please submit on the day after the audition, Monday, October 8th by 9:15 PM at the General Information Meeting:

  1. A list of all props you will be using.
  2. Recording of your performance music or overdub. Groups providing recorded music/accompaniment of any kind must submit it on one, singletrack CD. They will be converted for use in the show. NO STOP/START OF SUPPLIED MUSIC WILL BE ALLOWED.

All acts selected from the audition process will be required to PERFORM at the dress rehearsal on Sunday, October 14th at 12 pm, in UC-259.  Rehearsal times will be assigned based upon performance order.  These times will be available at the General Info Meeting on Monday, October 8th.  Acts must be performance ready.  Props are not required.  Costumes are required (at least one of each type of costume is required).  All technical needs (lighting, sound, smoke machines) and a rough idea of the stage layout will be noted at this time.  The dress rehearsal will be videotaped.

**Mandatory Audition & Dress Rehearsal**
Failure to perform at either will result in disqualification
Groups altering acts will result in disqualification & will be escorted out
Costumes are subject to HSC approval


  • Costumes are subject to approval by HSC.
  • No FULL face masks allowed (Disqualification)
  • No body paint below the neck – including hands (Disqualification)
  • All props must be removable from the stage immediately after your performance.  Props may not be released into the audience or up to the ceiling (Disqualification).
  • Any act promoting irresponsible use of alcohol, using profanity, or implying sexual or racial discrimination will be automatically disqualified. 
  • Public drunkenness will result in point deductions and/or group disqualification.

Judging is based on the following:

Category Points
Audience Response 5
Costume/Props 10
Originality 20
Performance 25
Adherence to Theme 40
Total 100


Ticket Group Sales (through a lottery at the Monday, October 8th Informational Meeting) are the least expensive option for student groups looking to attend the Variety Show. 

Groups looking to attend the Variety Show and sit together will want to complete the following steps:

  1. Purchase homecoming buttons (sold in bags of 10) for your group.
  2. At the 10/8/12 Informational Meeting, fill out the lottery form identifying how many tickets you want (up to 60) and if you have buttons for those attendees.
    • For those that have buttons via your group’s purchase and UW-W ID’s, tickets are free.
    • For those individuals that do not have buttons and/or UW-W ID’s , the ticket price is $6.00
  3. Pick up your group’s requested tickets from the Center of the Arts Ticket Outlet between noon on Tuesday, October 9th and noon on Thursday, October 11th. Any tickets not picked up will be released for general sale.
  4. Each person with a free ticket MUST come to the show with their buttons, tickets and UW-W IDs; each person with a general admission ticket MUST come with a photo ID.

General Ticket Sales are as follows:

Tickets for the general public can be purchased from noon on Friday, October 12th until noon on Thursday, October 18th at all ticket locations. Any remaining tickets will be sold in the Young Auditorium Lobby starting at 7:00pm. Ticket prices are as follows for those purchasing directly through the Ticket Outlets or night-of at Young Auditorium:

  • Tickets are $1.00 for UW-W Students who have a button
  • Tickets are $4.00 for UW-W Students who do not have a button
  • Tickets are $7.00 for non UW-W students

When attending the Variety Show, don’t forget your UW-W Student ID (photo ID for non-students), button and cash!

All attendees must have a ticket to enter the auditorium.  Seating is assigned.  Only those participating in an act will have access to the backstage area.

Decisions of the Judges are FINAL.

Questions concerning the Variety Show should be directed to Mandy or Janelle, the Variety Show Coordinators, by emailing homecoming@uww.edu or by leaving a message at Career & Leadership