Homecoming 2012

Window Painting Information

Friday, October 12th • 1 PM - 5 PM
UC Room 275 (Old Main Ballroom)

  1. Participants will be designated a piece of Plexiglas to be hung on the South side of the University Center.
  2. Paintings should be designed to promote the Homecoming theme. Taste and discretion should be used. The Homecoming Steering Committee has the right to determine what themes/drawings are appropriate to display on University windows. Participants should identify themselves somewhere in the design.
  3. The entry application must be submitted online to https://my.uww.edu by 11:55 pm Wednesday, October 3, 2012. A $20.00 non-refundable entry fee for cleanup of the Plexiglas and windows MUST be submitted to Career & Leadership Development/HSC by the end of the Homecoming Information meeting at 9:15pm on Monday, October 8th in UC – Summers Auditorium. Make sure you get a receipt!
  4. All paints used will be supplied by the Homecoming Steering Committee (White, Orange, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Brown, and Blue). Paint will be applied to the Plexiglas over a provided white soap base (REQUIRED). Participants must supply their own brushes.
  5. Entrants can paint their respective Plexiglas piece on Friday, October 12th between 1:00pm and 5:00pm. Paint will not be available after 4:30pm. All painting materials and area must be cleaned by 5:00pm. Failure to clean up your area will result in a deduction of points up to and including disqualification.  
  6. No professional artist or professional help of any kind will be allowed (this includes Hall Directors). Participants must be current UW-Whitewater students who belong to the organization participating.
  7. There will be a 2-inch wide border around the entire Plexiglas that will not be painted on for ease in hanging the Plexiglas. Groups not adhering to the border requirement or the clean up expectations by 5:00pm on Friday, October 12thmay be disqualified.
  8. Judging will take place throughout the day on Monday, October 15th..  
  9. Windows will be judged on the following:
  10. Category Points
    Identifying Organization on Painting 5
    Adhering to Homecoming Theme 30
    Originality 35
    Overall Impression 30
    Total 100
  11. The decision of the judges is FINAL.
  12. The winners will be announced at the Dance on Monday, October 15th.

NOTE:  Any painting promoting irresponsible use of alcohol, using profanity, or implying sexual or racial discrimination is not permitted. Such designs will be automatically disqualified and the Homecoming Steering Committee will remove the Plexiglas. Failure to do so will result in organization disqualification from ALL remaining Homecoming events.

Any questions concerning the Window Painting Contest should be directed to Molly, by emailing homecoming@uww.edu or calling the Career & Leadership Development office at 262-472-1471.