Homecoming 2013

"Warhawks Unite"

Homecoming Events

Homecoming is a fun way to get to know others and celebrate being a Warhawk. It is not, however, an excuse for missing class or other academic requirements. Warhawks are students first.

Homecoming Events

There are three divisions of competition: Residence Halls, Greeks and Student Organizations.

Division Champion and Spirit winners will be announced at the football game (vs. UW-Platteville) on Saturday, November 2, 2013, as well as posted after Homecoming concludes. It will be posted through the homecoming list serv and Facebook page throughout homecoming.

Decisions of the Homecoming Steering Committee are FINAL.

For Greeks and Student Organizations:

To participate in any Homecoming event, Greek and Student Organizations must be recognized by UW-Whitewater for the current year. The registration and renewal process is handled through Career & Leadership Development. Organizations needed to complete the renewal process by May 15th to be eligible for Homecoming participation. Contact Kim Clarksen at clarksek@uww.edu if you have any questions.

For Residence Halls:

In the Residence Hall division, points will be awarded to complexes. For the purpose of point distribution, Starin Hall will be considered one hall.

NOTE: We recognize that Assistant Complex Directors are students. For the purposes of Homecoming we would like ACD's to encourage students to be engaged and participate. We will not disqualify ACD's for participating, but highly recommend they take a "back seat" as much as possible.

Theme Selection

At the 2nd General Meeting on Monday, May 6th @ 9pm in Timmerman Aud. Hyland Hall, a lottery was held in order for groups to sign up for a specific theme concept. Groups are encouraged to incorporate this theme throughout their homecoming participation. Groups may also choose themes during the fall semester. Examples are provided on a separate handout. All theme changes and/or additions after May 6th must be registered by contacting Cat Gangi, HSC Chair, at 262-472-1471 or homecoming@uww.edu. HSC will determine the appropriate nature of any theme requests. Groups can still participate if they do not select a theme. Themes may be added or changed until the end of the final information meeting on Monday, October 21st.

ONLINE Entry Forms

All events require a completed participation form. All forms need to be completed online at https://my.uww.edu. Paper forms will ONLY be available by request at the front desk of Career & Leadership Development. Online forms are due Wednesday Oct. 16th by 11:55pm. Paper forms must be completed and turned in to Career & Leadership Development, UC 146, by 4pm on Wednesday Oct. 16th.

Fundraising and Promotional Items

Each year, the Homecoming Steering Committee needs assistance to finance the Homecoming activities. Help can be provided through the purchase of buttons and spirit wear or in the form of donations.

Each year, the Homecoming Steering Committee sells buttons and an additional promotional item to help participants celebrate and remember Homecoming 2013. Buttons, sold for $3.00 each, have the extra bonus of gaining you free access to the Homecoming Dance (with UW-W Student ID) and a free ticket to the Variety Show (see Variety Show information for details). Your group also earns Championship Points for purchasing bags of buttons (see Championship Points Section of the Information Packet for details). Promotional items serve as a way to share your Homecoming Spirit. This year's promotional item is drawstring bags which will be sold for $3.00 each.

At the Fall General Information Meetings, buttons will be sold in bags of 10 and promotional items will be sold individually (limited supply for both - buy early!). Please make checks payable to: UW-Whitewater.

Please contact Career & Leadership Development or see Kaelyn, Fundraising Coordinator at homecoming@uww.edu for details.

Court Events

UW-Whitewater provides an opportunity for sponsored student representatives to compete and possibly be selected for the Homecoming Court. This selection is implemented through an interview and voting process. Court candidates will be interviewed separately, as candidates are selected for their representation of the greater campus community. Please refer to Court Packet for details.

Alumni Center Activities

Please encourage your alumni to return to this year's festivities. Homecoming is not only for the students of the present, but also of the past. Homecoming allows your alumni the opportunity to remember their time here, talk with old friends, and also meet the new members of your organization. Remember to include your alumni in this year's Homecoming festivities. More information is available through Keri Schroeder at (262) 472-1187.