Homecoming 2013


Homecoming Chair Applications now available! Due 11/11. Apply here!

Committee Applications will be available early Spring Semester.

Homecoming 2014 is TENTATIVELY scheduled for Saturday, October 25th.

Homecoming 2013 - Warhawks Unite!

Champions Trophy

Student Organization Division
1. 91.7 WSUW- 1,830 points
2. AMA - 1595pts
3. BSU- 1175pts
Residence Hall Division
1. Lee / Fricker - 1,550 points
2. Arey / Benson - 1,230 points
3. Tutt / Fischer - 950 points
Greek Division
1. Sigma Tau Gamma - 2,025 points
2. Pi Kappa Alpha - 2,020 points
3. Alpha Sigma- 1,740 points

Chancellor's Spirit Cup

Student Organization Division
1. 91.7 WSUW
3. BSU
Other Participating Organizations:  
Best Buddies Circle K
Dance CompanyC Dance Marathon
Ecology Club EPO
Gospel Choir Habitat for Humanity
International Business Club Impact
ISA Kappa Delta Pi
Latinos Unidos Phi Beta Lambda
Phi Eta Sigma PRSSA
Student Optimists Student WEA
Tau Phi Lambda Zumba with Warhawks
Residence Hall Division
1. Lee / Fricker
2. Cambridge / Fox Meadows
3. Tutt / Fischer
Other Participating Residence Halls
1. Arey / Benson
2. Wellers / Knilans
3. Wells
Greek Division
1. Alpha Sigma
2. Sigma Sigma Sigma
3. Sigma Tau Gamma
Other Participating Organizations:   Delta Chi Delta Zeta Lambda Theta Phi Phi Chi Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha
Senior Award Winners
Jodi Straka
Christopher Maniece

Triple B

Brainiacs (Trivia) Billiards Bowling
Student Organizations
Sigma Tau Gamma CSigma Tau Gamma Phi Mu Alpha
Residence Halls
Lee / Fricker Lee / Fricker Lee / Fricker


Student Organizations
Southeast Asian Organization
Lambda Theta Phi Fraternity
Residence Halls
Lee / Fricker


Awareness Video Competition

Tug of War
Tug of War - Female Tug of War - Male Tug of War - Co Ed
Alpha Sigma Sigma Tau Gamma Habitat for Humanity
Mystery Game
Org Res Hall Greek
Latinos Unidos Arey / Benson Pi Kappa Alpha
Warhawk Waddle
Org Res Hall Greek
Black Student Union Tutt / Fischer Pi Kappa Alpha
Student Organizations
Sigma Tau Gamma
Residence Halls
No Res Halls Participated

Variety Show � Best in Show � Alpha Sigma

Res Hall Greek Org
No Residence Halls PArticipated Delta Chi AMA
Live Music
Res Hall Greek Org
No Residence Halls PArticipated Pi Kappa Alpha 91.7 WSUW
Lip Sync/Dance
Residence Halls Greek Org
No Residence Halls PArticipated Alpha Sigma Dance Company

Yell Like Hell

Student Organizations
Alpha Sigma
Residence Halls
Lee / Fricker


Category Float Marching Unit
Student Orgs 1st DECA 1st 91.7
Res Halls 1st Lee / Fricker 1st Tutt / Fischer
Greeks 1st Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma

Congratulations to all who participated!

Homecoming 2014 is TENTATIVELY scheduled for October 25th.

Keep watching the UW-W Homecoming Facebook page for pictures of all the events and updates for next year!

Homecoming Facebook, Twitter, and Listserv

Regular event updates can be found through Facebook and Twitter as well as the Homecoming Listserv described below.

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Listserv: To assist with providing any changes or announcements to Homecoming participants, a listserv has been set up. A listserv provides an easy way to send e-mails to an entire group. When a message is sent to the listserv, it is redistributed to all members on the list. Please keep in mind, though, that replying to a listserv e-mail will send the reply to the entire list. For more information regarding listservs, please visit: http://www.uww.edu/icit/services/email/listserv_commands.html

During Homecoming 2013, any changes or announcements will be sent to the listserv. It is strongly recommended that at least one member from each organization joins the listserv to receive the most up-to-date information. To join, just fill out the form below. You will then need to check your e-mail for confirmation to finalize the join.