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Connection Center Office Location

Univesity Center, Room 146

Create, Renew or Update Student Orgs

Create a New Student Organization

Step One: Contact Kim Clarksen to set up an appointment.

Step Two: Find a full-time faculty or staff member willing to serve as an advisor.

Step Three: Fill out the forms discussed at the meeting with Kim Clarksen.

Step Four: Two students that are part of your organization must take the Anti-hazing quiz.

Step Five: Write and submit a constitution and/or bylaws.

All student organizations must be recognized on an annual basis.

Renew an Organization

Step One: Attend a Renewal Meeting.

  • Spring - Meetings are scheduled for April and May. Contact Career & Leadership Development at 262-472-1471 to determine times and locations or go to Sign Up!.
  • Fall - Meetings are one-on-one with Kim Clarksen. Contact Career & Leadership Development at 262-472-1471 to set up an appointment.

Step Two: Update all information on JOIN!

Step Three: The President and a second active member must take the Anti-hazing quiz.

Step Four: Confirm the constitution on file with Career & Leadership Development is the most recent version and no more than five years old.

Step Five: Once all of the above is complete, Career & Leadership Development will contact the person/people you have identified as your advisor(s), asking them to sign on as an advisor for the coming academic year and to read and sign the Anti-hazing Policy.

This is the last step for non-Greek organizations to become renewed. Greek organizations have additional requirements indicated by the Leadership Advisor-Greek of Career & Leadership Development, 262-472-1471.

Update an Organization's Information

For simple changes (new contact information, new officers, new advisor, change of name), please update your JOIN! account. For more significant changes or to have access to your groups JOIN! account, please contact Kim Clarksen with details.