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Hold Harmless Agreement

Whenever your organization participates in an activity or function to which there is any liability, you should have each individual involved sign a Hold Harmless Agreement. Examples of these activities include trips, sports competitions (flag football, volleyball, etc.), sledding, jump rope marathons, team adventure courses, paintballing, and so on. A Hold Harmless Agreement basically states that each participant will assume all of the risk and responsibilities that their involvement may entail. It also releases and discharges the University System, University employees, and members of your organization from any claims of damage. It also states that the participant would be responsible for any medical treatment required as a result of participation.

While this doesn't completely discharge the chances of being sued or held liable, it can reduce the chances and penalties. A court seeing a document such as this may be more willing to hold the individual responsible, not the organization.

This form should be completed for each activity. To have a Hold Harmless Agreement drawn up for your organization's activities, fill out the form located at http://www.uww.edu/adminaffairs/riskmanagement/risk/holdhrm.html, or contact the Office of Risk Management (472-1856), and they will assist you.