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Safety Checklists

Whether it is your office, chapter house, meeting room, or a facility for an event, it is important to routinely check to ensure that these areas do not contain any potential hazards. Included on the next few pages are checklists for various areas. Please use these regularly and file them for future reference.

Building Safety Checklist


Person Completing Survey:


Fire Protection

Yes   No    1. Are fire extinguishers and hoses properly mounted, and readily accessible and in operating condition?

Yes   No    2. Do all fire extinguishers have an inspection tag indicating a future recharge date?

Yes   No    3. Are all manual alarm pull stations readily accessible?

Yes   No    4. Is there 3 feet of clearance between the ceiling and storage?

Yes   No    5. Are there an adequate number of fire extinguishers and smoke alarms?

Yes   No    6. Are rules in place prohibiting the use of candles and other secondary fire sources?

Yes   No    7. Are the fireplaces routinely checked/cleaned/maintained?

Comments on Fire Protection:


Yes   No    1. Are the stairs clear of obstructions?

Yes   No    2. Are the railings in place, at least 40" high, and of the proper construction?

Yes   No    3. Are the stairs illuminated properly?

Yes   No    4. Are the stairs free of all slipping, tripping or falling hazards?

Yes   No    5. Are non-slip treads in place?

Yes   No    6. Are low overheads marked?

Comments on Stairs:

Halls & Aisles

Yes   No    1. Are the halls and aisles clear of obstructions?

Yes   No    2. Are the halls and aisles free of slipping, tripping or falling hazards?

Yes   No    3. Are changes in elevation marked?

Yes   No    4. Are low overheads marked?

Yes   No    5. Are aisles wide enough to accommodate people comfortably?

Yes   No    6. Are mats and throw rugs secured to the floor?

Comments on Halls & Aisles:

Means of Egress

Yes   No    1. Are all exits readily accessible at all times?

Yes   No    2. Are the exits and routes to exits marked and lighted?

Yes   No    3. Is there emergency exit lighting?

Yes   No    4. Are exits free of debris and are the doors in proper working condition?

Comments on Means of Egress:


Yes   No    1. Are materials stored in approved storage cabinets that are clearly marked (i.e., flammable liquids, acids)?

Yes   No    2. Are materials stored in properly marked, safe containers?

Yes   No    3. Are materials stored in a stable manner out of the way of traffic?

Yes   No    4. Are no smoking signs posted and enforced near storage areas?

Comments on Storage:


Yes   No    1. Are all electrical outlets grounded (all 3-prong outlets)?

Yes   No    2. Are extension cords properly secured and out of the way of traffic?

Yes   No    3. Power Strip Safety: Are power strips warm to the touch/smell of burning wires?

Yes   No    4. Are live outlets and switches covered?

Yes   No    5. Are junction boxes closed?

Yes   No    6. Are machines properly guarded?

Yes   No    7. Are extension cords being used in place of permanent wiring?

Yes   No    8. Are there any overloaded outlets?

Yes   No    9. Are there any open light sockets?

Yes   No    10. Is there water around electrical equipment?

Yes   No    11. Are all machines and power tools properly grounded?

Yes   No    12. Are machines and tools properly maintained and stored?

Comments on Electrical:


Yes   No    1. Are work areas clean, dry, and orderly?

Yes   No    2. Is trash disposed of regularly?

Yes   No    3. Are there an adequate number of trash receptacles?

Yes   No    4. Are the water fountains and wash up facilities kept clean?

Yes   No    5. Are signs posted when the floors are being washed?

Comments on Housekeeping:

Food Service Area

Yes   No    1. Is all equipment in good working order?

Yes   No    2. Are thermometers present and in working order in all freezers and refrigerators?

Yes   No    3. Is all perishable food kept refrigerated at or below 4O° F?

Yes   No    4. Is all frozen food kept at 0° F or below?

Yes   No    5. Do the dishwashers work properly?

Yes   No    6. Are insect and vector habitat conditions present in the kitchen?

Yes   No    7. Is all food covered while in storage?

Yes   No    8. Are chemical products and other chemicals stored away from food items?

Yes   No    9. Are hand-washing sinks and soap/towels readily available in the kitchen?

Yes   No    10. Is serving and preparation equipment in good repair with no cracks, chips and dents?

Yes   No    11. Have food preparation staff been trained in proper food service management techniques?

Comments on Food Service Area:

Additional Comments on Building Safety:

Action Taken to Correct Any Problems with Building Safety:

Outdoor Safety Checklist


Person Completing Survey:



Yes   No    1. Are the sidewalks free of cracks and potholes (tripping and falling hazards)?

Yes   No    2. Do pedestrians have a clear view at crosswalks and areas where vehicles are present?

Yes   No    3. Is there proper lighting?

Yes   No    4. Are all lights working properly?

Yes   No    5. Are crosswalks clearly marked and evident to traffic?

Yes   No    6. Does water drain properly off of sidewalks?

Yes   No    7. Is there unauthorized bicycle or motorized vehicle traffic?

Yes   No    8. WINTER: Are the sidewalks clear of snow and ice?

Comments on Sidewalks:


Yes   No    1. Can other traffic be seen (bikes, pedestrians, cars)?

Yes   No    2. Is the parking lot in good condition (no potholes, upheaval)?

Yes   No    3. Is there proper lighting?

Yes   No    4. Are all lights working properly?

Yes   No    5. Is there proper drainage?

Yes   No    6. Is there loose gravel or other hazards that could inhibit stopping?

Yes   No    7. Are weeds removed from within 20' of buildings?

Yes   No    8. WINTER: Are lots free of snow and ice?

Comments on Parking Lots:

Additional Comments on Outdoor Safety:

Action Taken to Correct Any Problems with Outdoor Safety: