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Student/Faculty Accounts

Establishing an Account

To establish a student/faculty account, the advisor of an organization needs to complete the Student/Faculty Account Application and/or Signature Authorization Form. This form can be obtained from the Cashier's Office. The signature of the Advisor as well as the Student Organization President and one other officer are required. A survey attached to the application also needs to be completed by the Advisor.



  1. A completed deposit slip (obtained from the Cashier's Office) must accompany all deposits. Retain a copy of each deposit for your records. The Cashier's Office will give you a receipt for each deposit. Attach the receipt to your copy of the deposit and file for audits/reference.
  2. Endorse the back of all checks with the account name and number. Checks should be made payable to: UW-Whitewater. If for some reason the checks are made payable to your organization or someone in your organization, they must be properly endorsed by your organization or that person, making the checks payable to UW-Whitewater. The checks should be in bundles no larger than 40.
  3. Currency should be put in denomination order, right side up, facing the same direction and bundled/rubber banded. Coins should be placed in an envelope and sealed with the amount enclosed written on the front of the envelope.
  4. When a check is returned to the University Cashier from the bank marked Non-Sufficient funds, Account Closed, Refer to Maker, etc., the amount of the check is deducted from the appropriate account ledger. An adjustment slip will be made out and attached to the returned check, which is then forwarded to the current Advisor, President, or officer of that account. (You will need to adjust your deposit records.)


  1. Each account must have an authorized signature form on file at the University Cashier's Office. Two officers' signatures or the signature of the account advisor are required for the expenditure of funds. If you have co-officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary), it would be advisable to have all their signatures on file at the Cashier's Office.
  2. Checks may be picked up after 10:00AM with photo ID the day after a completed check request voucher is submitted to the University Cashier's Office. Write or type all information clearly on the check request voucher. If there is an error in the amount or payee line of the check voucher, corrections must be initialed by authorized signer. A person authorizing on a check request voucher cannot request a check to be made payable to themselves. The check request voucher will need the signatures of two other authorized officers or the Advisor.
  3. Return the checks you would like to have voided to the University Cashier's Office with the word VOID written across the check. Attach a simple explanation, with your signature, as to why the check is to be voided.

Month End

Copies of University Cashier's Office ledgers for all Student/Faculty Accounts with activity since the 21st of the preceding month will be sent to the Advisor or President/Officer each month. If there should be any discrepancies, contact the Cashier's Office immediately for corrections.

Year End

Copies of all Student / Faculty Accounts will be sent out at the end of each fiscal year (June 30). Stale dated checks (checks over six months old) will have a stop payment placed on them and will be credited back to each account. Copies of all checks from your account, which the Cashier's Office has placed "stopped payments" on, will be sent to you.

For questions regarding Student / Faculty Accounts, please contact the Cashier's Office.