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What is SUFAC?

A portion of the total fees that University of Wisconsin System students pay is designated for the operation of various student services and organizations. These designated fees are called Segregated University Fees or SUF, and provide substantial support for campus student activities.

The primary responsibility for allocating those fees is in student hands, in consultation with the chancellor and with final confirmation by the UW System Board of Regents. The student representatives make up SUFAC – the Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee.

SUFAC consists of:

  • Five students, one representing each college
  • One student from Residence Hall Association (RHA)
  • Three students from Whitewater Student Government (WSG)

In addition, two ex-officio members serve in an advisory capacity to SUFAC.

Who Qualifies for SUFAC Funds?

To qualify, student organizations must meet institutional qualifications for official recognition and must be fully recognized through Career & Leadership Development. University departments may also apply for SUF.

Regardless of recognition status, the following organizations CANNOT be funded by Segregated Fees:

  1. Those that restrict membership, including but not limited to the following ways:
    • Academic status (for example, restricting membership to Graduate Students or to students with a GPA of 3.0 or above)
    • Major and/or minor
    • Sex, race, religion, color, creed, national heritage, age, marital status, sexual orientation, income level/source, disability or veteran status
  2. Social fraternities or sororities
  3. Honorary, professional, or academic-related organizations

Organizations that are not funded/eligible for traditional funding through SUFAC may apply for Segregated Fees for a specific program, provided said program benefits the entire student body.

Source: Excerpts from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Segregated University Fee Allocations Committee Policies and Guidelines, Policy #3

SUFAC Process and Timeline

Student organizations and departments applying for Segregated University Funds (SUF) will be held to a strict, well-advertised timeline and process to request funds. Funding applications are due in the fall of the current academic year for funding that begins in July of the following year.

Example Timeline
First Week September Budget Forms available on Join! and e-mailed to organization leaders and advisors
Third Week October Budget Requests due to SUFAC
Carry Over Requests due to SUFAC
First Week November Budget Hearings (Student Orgs/Departments explain submitted budgets)
Second Week November SUFAC deliberates
Third Week November SUFAC Recommendation to WSG and Requesting Groups
Appeals Process - WSG
Fourth Week November WSG Deliberations/Recommendations
First Week December Chancellor's Action
Alternate Proposals

SUF Committee Contacts

Chair Anna Schwarz
Advisor Brent Bilodeau, Student Affairs
Advisor Faye Skelton, Budget and Finance
Intern TBD

Questions should be directed to the above contacts by e-mailing SUFAC@uww.edu.

Further resources regarding Segregated University Fees can be found at the Advisor Resource page and the Career & Leadership Development Forms and Policies & Procedures pages.