Community Service
Make a Difference Day
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Community Service

Students looking for community service opportunities have a variety of options available. Career & Leadership Development suggests the following steps in searching for a volunteer opportunity that suits your needs:

Step 1: Join the UW-W Community Service Facebook Page ( Any projects that are submitted to Career & Leadership Development are first posted here.

Step 2: Use the Clearinghouse! This free, online service is found at Use the location and service type search functions to find projects that work for you. By clicking on the ID number found to the left of any service posting, you will find further information including contact information.

Step 3: Set up an appointment with the Service Intern in the Student Involvement Office. This student is available to help you identify further options and to help you utilize the Facebook and Clearinghouse resources. You can schedule an appointment with a Student Involvement Intern by calling 262-472-6217 or e-mailing

Service Organizations:

There are many service organizations across the UW-Whitewater Campus, ranging from Habitat for Humanity to Student Optimists. In addition, many student-run professional organizations perform community services as well. To gain more information on service organizations and service in general please go to: or contact the Kim Clarksen, 262-72-1112 or

America Reads:

America Reads is a federally funded program that sends college students, either volunteers or those with work-study aid, into elementary classrooms to work one-on-one with students who may need additional help with reading. These volunteers tutor in participating school districts during the day and in after school reading programs within a fifty-mile radius of Whitewater. For more information on this please contact the Student Involvement Office at 262-472-6217.

Make-A-Difference Day:

UW-Whitewater hosts an annual day of service in the spring of each year, with the goal of cleaning up a surrounding community while building relationships between the citizens of that community and the students of the University. To get involved or for more information, please contact Kim Clarksen at or visit


The University of Wisconsin - Whitewater provides a web-based listing of community service/volunteer opportunities in Jefferson and Walworth counties as well as the surrounding area. Over 300 volunteer opportunities are included. The Clearinghouse is available at:

Residence Life Service:

Residence Life has a variety of activities that contribute to the city and campus community. One popular choice is working at Jitters Coffeehouse. For more information please call 262-472-5282.

Children's Center Volunteers:

This children's center is located in Roseman Hall, and is an excellent volunteer location for those requiring student contact time for the School of Education. For additional information please go to:

Center for Students with Disabilities Volunteers:

Volunteers working for the Center for Students with Disabilities provide transportation, living assistance, note taking, student organization contacts and much more. For more information please go to:

Warhawk Ambassador Service:

Ambassadors promote UW-Whitewater through education, service, and as a sounding board for campus and community. The Ambassadors assist at special events, host visiting dignitaries and special guests and provide outreach on behalf of the institution. For additional information please go to: