Institutional Research and Planning aims to provide accurate, insightful, and accessible central support, information, research and analysis for the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater's reporting, decision making, and strategic planning efforts. 


In order for the university to accomplish its mission, the Office of Institutional Research sets the following goals:

  • Provide timely and accurate information through regular and ad hoc reporting of institutional data to internal and external audiences
  • Support institutional effectiveness through research, planning, peer analysis, benchmarking, and reporting designed to answer mission-critical questions regarding university-related performance
  • Promote the use of accurate and reliable institutional data through resources offered by Institutional Research and Planning, and promote data quality standards by maintaining a commitment of service
  • Serve as a central resource for academic and non-academic departments as they perform data-driven work
  • Support the strategic planning process by providing institutional data that can inform progress toward the university's goals