STEM Enrollment

STEM reports represent enrollment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines.  There is no single commonly used definition of STEM.  At UW-W, STEM is defined as including the following majors (with CIP 2010 code following), which correspond to the disciplines UW System reports as STEM: biology (26.0101), chemistry (40.0501), computer science (11.0101), environmental science (03.0104), mathematics (27.0101), occupational safety (15.0701), and physics (40.0801).

STEM Enrollment by First Major
STEM Enrollment by First Major and Emphasis
STEM Enrollment by First Major and Gender
STEM Enrollment by First Major and URM Status
STEM Enrollment by Second Major
STEM Enrollment by Minor

STEM Enrollment by Gender
STEM Enrollment by URM Status

Also see STEM degrees awarded reports here.

Last updated: Nov. 2017  |  Next update: Nov. 2018  |  Census date: 10th Day of Instruction


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