University-Wide Surveys

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning aims to administer university-wide surveys using a systematic approach that ensures accuracy. The results of these surveys can be used by faculty, staff and administrators to support student learning and institutional effectiveness.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
The NSSE collects information from first-year and senior students about the characteristics and quality of their undergraduate experience. NSSE measures the extent to which students engage in effective educational practices that are empirically linked with learning, personal development, and other desired outcomes such as persistence, satisfaction, and graduation. NSSE data are used by faculty, administrators, researchers, and others for institutional improvement, public reporting, and related purposes.

Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE)
The FSSE complements the NSSE. FSSE measures faculty members’ expectations of student engagement in educational practices that are empirically linked with high levels of learning and development. The survey also collects information about how faculty members spend their time on professorial activities, such as teaching and scholarship, and what kinds of learning experiences their institutions emphasize. The information can be a catalyst for productive discussions related to teaching, learning, and the quality of students’ educational experiences.

NSSE and FSSE Respondent Counts

University of Wisconsin-Whitwater University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
NSSE Response Rates FSSE Response Rates
Freshman Year Freshman Response Rate Senior Year Senior Response Rate Faculty Respondants Response Rate
2016 297 13% 554 19% 2016 212 41%
2014 430 21% 661 30% 2014 256 41%
2013 467 22% 770 37% 2011 216 44%
2011 589 29% 777 41% 2010 237 48%
2010 626 31% 794 44% 2008 176 35%

Senior Outcomes Assessment Survey (SOAS)
The SOAS collects information from graduating senior students about their academic experience at UW-Whitewater. It measures students' perceptions of the level of career preparation the UW-W has provided. It also evaluates students' perceptions of the link between the development of certain skill sets and academic success. The SOAS is primarily used by UW-W departments and university administrators to identify areas of institutional strength as well as areas in which the UW-W can improve the student experience.


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