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2001-2002 Lunch Hour Reading/Discussion Club

Spring 2002 Book Club

Publish, Don't Perish
The Scholar's Guide to Academic Writing and Publishing

(Joseph Moxley, 1992, Praeger Publishing)

This classic little book, and the ensuing discussions, will focus on simple and practical strategies for improving scholarly writing and increasing the likelihood of academic publication. The book promises to spawn fascinating discussions relevant to the challenges and time-tested methods of developing a record of publication.

Facilitator: Jim Larson, Professor, Psychology Department

Sessions Scheduled: in UC 206 from Noon to 1:00pm on the following Mondays: 28 January; 11 February; 25 February; 11 March; 1 April; 15 April.

Making the Most of College
Students Speak Their Minds

(Richard J. Light, 2001, Harvard University Press)

The book presents reflections of real students that translate into worthy suggestions and provocative discussion points for instructors. The ideas Light articulates are fresh, insightful, and stand to help all faculty better understand the challenges facing the contemporary student, and make better decisions about their instruction.

Facilitator: Jim Winship is an Associate Professor in the Social Work Department.

Sessions Scheduled: in UC 206 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm on the following Tuesdays: 29 January; 12 February; 26 February; 12 March; 2 April; 16 April.

Fall 2001 Book Club

Millennials Rising:
The Next Generation

by Neil Howe & William Strauss (2000)

In the 90's, it was the Xers. Now, it's the Millennials who are graduating from high schools and flooding the nation's college campuses. Howe and Strauss examine demographic data and explore trends for this generation. Discussion will focus on what such trends suggest about the challenges and prospects of student learning.

Facilitators: Sandi Scott Duex, Assistant Director of Resident Education, Office of Residence Life; & Greg Valde, Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Foundations.

Sessions Scheduled: in UC 206 from Noon to 1:00pm on the following six Mondays: 10 September; 24 September; 8 October; 22 October; 5 November; and 19 November.

Punished by Rewards

by Alfie Kohn (1993)

Kohn's book provides a provocative indictment of "rewards for performance"—arguing that people actually do inferior work when they are enticed by money, grades or other incentives. The discussions will focus on the role of rewards in our work as teachers and scholars, and explore Kohn's proposed alternatives.

Facilitators: Chris Clements, Associate Professor in the Management Department; & John Stone, Co-Director of LEARN Center, Associate Professor, Department of Communication.

Sessions Scheduled: in UC 206 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm on the following six Tuedays: 11 September; 25 September; 9 October; 23 October; 6 November; and 20 November.

Scholarship Assessed

by Charles Glassick, Mary Taylor Huber & Gene Maeroff (1997)

Begun under the oversight of Ernest Boyer, the book functions as a follow-up to Boyer's Scholarship Reconsidered, examining the changing nature of scholarship. Discussions will focus on the new standards for assessing scholarship proposed by the book, and promise to contribute to the campus dialogue about institutional standards and scholarly rigor.

Facilitator:Steve Friedman, Professor in Educational Foundations, Co-Director of the LEARN Center.

Sessions Scheduled: in UC 206 from Noon to 1:00pm on the following six Wednesdays: 12 September; 26 September; 10 October; 24 October; 7 November; and 21 November.