Professor rides bike 52 miles from home to work at UW-Whitewater

May 12, 2011

Professor Jonathan Kane
















If you need an example of a Warhawk's strength and endurance, look no further than Jonathan Kane. Every spring, during finals week, this professor of math and computer science bikes 52 miles from his home on the west side of Madison to work at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

It's a tradition he started 31 years ago, and one that will come to an end since he may retire at the end of the year.

"Biking to work is a nice way to end the semester and get ready for the summer biking season," Kane said. "I love the peaceful scenery, the wildlife, being out there alone on the trails and roads."

On Wednesday, May 11, he made the trip in 4 hours 19 minutes, but had to stop to repair a flat tire eight miles from campus. His record time is 3 hours 43 minutes, but he "had a good tail wind that year."

Kane traverses country roads, crosses highways and makes his way through towns and cities in three counties. He's encountered almost every kind of weather, from scorching heat to summerlike downpours. Luckily, he says, it's never snowed on him.

One year, during a sabbatical, he made a point of biking to work to attend a meeting. The trip is something Kane enjoys too much to let anything stop him.

"It's tradition," he said. "Plus, I'm in much better shape than I was when I started."


Sara Kuhl