Lecture series to explore Nov. elections

September 10, 2012

This year's Fairhaven Lecture Series, "Election 2012: Understanding the People's Choice," will examine a number of critical issues posed in this year's election cycle. Polls reveal Americans' record dissatisfaction with government. The media appear consumed by a vigorous debate about the federal deficit, economic inequality, and a range of social issues. This election may either contribute to increasing political polarization or point to areas of consensus.

Presentations by UW-Whitewater faculty members explore what the campaigns this year reveal about the American public, analyzing how the electoral process reflects popular sentiment and how elections shape the electorate's choices.

Scheduled lectures and presenters are:

  • Sept. 10 -- "The Road to the White House:  The Path From Iowa to Florida and Everything in Between" by Susan Johnson, associate professor of political science
  • Sept. 17 -- "Back to the Future" by Richard Haven, professor emeritus of communication
  • Sept. 24 -- "Appeals to the Middle: Social Class Rhetoric in Congressional Campaigns" by Christopher Chapp, assistant professor of political science
  • Oct. 1 -- "Politicians for the planet? Searching for Sustainability in the 2012 Elections" by Eric Compas, assistant professor of geography and geology
  • Oct. 8 -- "Money talks: Citizens United and its impact on U.S. Elections" by Jolly Emrey, associate professor of political science
  • Oct. 15 -- "Perspectives from Germany on the US Election" by Carol Scovotti, associate professor of marketing
  • Oct. 22 -- "Economists Reflect on This Election Season" by Stuart Glosser, professor of economics; Jeffery Heinrich, associate professor of economics; and Russell Kashian, professor of economics
  • Oct. 29 -- 2012 Convention Speeches Compared:  Acclaims and Attacks in an Evolving Genre" by Corey Davis, assistant professor of communication
  • Nov. 5 -- "A Daisy, a Bear and Nothing but Laughter:  Television Advertising in Presidential Campaigns" by Kim Hixson, associate professor of communication
  • Nov. 12 -- "Explaining the 2012 Presidential Election and Looking Ahead to the Next Four Years" by UW-Whitewater Faculty Panel
  • Nov. 19 -- "Polls, Pols and Polarization; Wisconsin and the Nation, 2012" by Wayne Youngquist, senior lecturer of sociology, anthropology and criminal justice
All lectures are free to the public and are held on Mondays at 3 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of Fairhaven Retirement Community, 435 West Starin Road, Whitewater. Street parking is adjacent to the building. Links to videos of lectures, including those from prior series, can be found at http://www.uww.edu/conteduc/fairhaven.


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