Going green: UW-Whitewater hosts statewide chemistry event

October 08, 2012

Chemistry labFaculty and staff members from across the University of Wisconsin System are headed to UW-Whitewater for the 39th annual UW System Chemistry Faculties Meeting on Oct. 12-13.

UW-Whitewater last hosted the event in 1998, and organizers say they're excited to bring it back to campus.

"All UW System schools will be present, so the presentations can have an effect on how they teach science," said Jessica Menke, assistant professor of chemistry. "We'll be talking about all of this new technology that goes along with green initiatives around the country."

This year's theme is "Green Chemistry in Education and Beyond." Keynote speakers include:

  • John Warner, president and chief technology officer of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry in Wilmington, Mass. Warner will talk about achieving a sustainable future through green chemistry, and the important role faculty members and students play in making that happen.
  • Mary Tilton '74, a UW-Whitewater alumna and vice president of plant operations at Virent in Madison. Tilton will speak about the thermochemical catalytic conversion Virent is making of bio-based feedstocks to fuels and chemicals.

Menke's presentation will focus on technology in the classroom, specifically Second Life projects with UW-Whitewater student participants. Second Life is a virtual, online world that allows students to perform in-class activities without using paper, chemicals or other materials.

"This is an event that directly impacts students' futures through the relentless endeavor toward a sustainable environment," said Steven Anderson, UW-Whitewater chemistry professor. "They can all play a role by 'thinking outside the box.'"

For more a schedule and more information, visit http://www.uww.edu/conteduc/camps/otherevents/uwschem.php for more information.


Sara Kuhl

Jeff Angileri