Major doesn't matter: College of Letters and Sciences to host career day

March 07, 2013

Career DayThe UW-Whitewater College of Letters and Sciences will be hosting its fourth annual Career Day on Monday, April 8, in University Center room 259.

Open to all students, Career Day helps students network with alumni and show how they can leverage their liberal education to get a great job.

"Students pursue majors because of their passions, not always considering the bigger picture," said Mary Pinkerton, dean of the College of Letters and Sciences. "It is important for students to have this experience to gain a broader perspective about career options in the future."

The event will feature two UW-Whitewater alumni panels. The first, at 1:15 p.m., titled "Major Doesn't Matter," is geared toward students who have broad majors or who are exploring career possibilities. The second panel, at 2:15 p.m., "Confessions of a Hiring Manager," is geared toward juniors and seniors, who will soon be navigating the job market.

UW-Whitewater alumni are the best indicator of the quality education provided at this university, showing their lifelong commitment to the campus by giving back to current students, Pinkerton said.

"Students can always learn from events like this," she said. "It's an investment in your future, a chance to see what graduates do with Letters and Sciences degrees, and to show how people evolve after graduation into individuals that are in successful careers not always within their major."

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