Fairhaven Lecture Series reflects on 30-year history

August 26, 2013

FairhavenSince 1983, UW-Whitewater faculty members and community leaders have delivered informative and thought-provoking lectures on hundreds of topics.

This year, the Fairhaven Lecture Series, sponsored by Fairhaven Senior Services and UW-Whitewater's Office of Continuing Education, will celebrate thirty years of community discourse.

"Turning Points" will examine the people and incidents that have shaped our lives today.  Faculty members from various academic areas on campus will discuss such issues as technology, HIV/AIDS, Hurricane Katrina, and American and international politics. Two lectures will specifically address UW-Whitewater's recent history, focusing on turning points on campus, influential people and some of the most successful programs.

All lectures are free to the public and are held on Mondays at 3 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of Fairhaven Retirement Community, 435 West Starin Road, Whitewater. Street parking is adjacent to the building.

  • Sept. 9 - "Critical Events and (some) Critical People at UW-Whitewater, 1983-2013" by Richard Telfer, chancellor
  • Sept. 16 - "Nanotechnology's HUGE Impact on Our Lives Over the Last 30 Years" by Eric Brown, assistant professor of biological sciences
  • Sept. 23 - "Three Decades of Theatre Trends: From Absurdism and Experimental Theatre to Multicultural Drama and Performance Art" by Michael Bennett, assistant professor of languages and literatures
  • Sept. 30 - "Reagan's Democrats, Clinton's Impeachment and the 2000 Election: How Did Dysfunctional Become The Way Our Government Functions?" by Susan Johnson, chair and associate professor of political science
  • Oct. 7 - "Resilience and Justice in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina" by Holly Denning, lecturer in sociology, anthropology, and criminal justice
  • Oct. 14 - "HIV/AIDS: From Gay Stigma to Preventable Nightmare" by Kate Ksobiech, assistant professor of communication
  • Oct. 21 - "Wal-Mart: From Arkansas to the World in Thirty Years" by Marilyn Lavin, professor of marketing
  • Oct. 28 - "American Political Discourse Since 1983: The Impact of Cable TV, Email, Twitter, Facebook and Other Technology Innovations" by Dick Haven, emeritus professor of communication
  • Nov. 4 - "UW-Whitewater Athletics: Past, Present, and Future" by Amy Edmonds, interim director of athletics
  • Nov. 11 - "The Commercialization of the Internet: Millions of Islands Become a Continent" by Carol Scovotti, associate professor of marketing
  • Nov. 18 - "The Last Frontier of Civil Rights: The Americans with Disabilities Act" by Elizabeth Watson, director, Center for Students with Disabilities
  • Nov. 25 - "The Fall of Communism and the Creation of a New World Order" by F. Peter Wagner, associate professor of political science
  • Dec. 2 - "Leave One to Tell the Story: Aloys Ruyenzi and the Untold Tragedy of the Rwandan Genocide " by Mark McPhail, dean, College of Arts and Communication

Unable to attend? Links to videos of lectures, including those from prior series, can be found at http://www.uww.edu/conteduc/fairhaven. Contact Kari Borne at 262-472-1003 or bornek@uww.edu for further information.


Sara Kuhl

Jeff Angileri