UW-Whitewater professor designs health and wellness smartphone app

November 25, 2013

health appAlana Platt has always had a love for what she calls the "human-end of computing," or the part of technology that people use for ease and fun.

She's channeled that passion into creating a dynamic smartphone application for health and wellness.

"It started when my grandmother was going through treatment and medication for her chronic illness - fibromyalgia - and also when I was charting my own health in Excel and making graphs and running tests," Platt said.

A new faculty member in the Information Technology and Supply Chain Management Department, Platt combined her interest in health, and technology knowledge, to create "My Wellness Manager." The app allows people to track how they are feeling, follow their symptoms and monitor their medications.

Platt says it's a "one-stop shop" application that sets itself apart from the thousands of other health applications, books and podcasts available.

"There are many apps out there for specific conditions, but My Wellness Manager can track general health, and also help people diagnosed with diseases track their medications without having to use more than one app," Platt said.

Platt enlisted the help of several experts to build the app, including Dennis Citrin, medical oncologist at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, Ill.; and Sasha Karnes, assistant professor of psychology, and Christina Outlay, assistant professor of information technology and supply chain management, both from UW-Whitewater.

Another part of the app that Platt says differentiates it form others is the social aspect. Users can share health goals and achievements on social media channels at the tap of a screen.

"I wanted to create a fun and easy way of tracking how you feel," Platt said.

My Wellness Manager can be purchased on iTunes for $3. Platt hopes to eventually enter the Android market.


Jeff Angileri

Sara Kuhl