Primary Serifs

    Primary Serif

    The primary serif typeface for UW-Whitewater is Trajan Pro. It is available in two weights and it is all caps. Because Trajan Pro is an all caps font, Adobe Garamond Pro can be used as a primary serif because it has four weights and it has both upper and lower case letters.

    Trajan Pro may be used for cover titles, initial caps, large text and subheads. Adobe Garamond Pro may be used for quotes and body text.

    Primary Sans Serifs

    Primary Sans Serif

    The primary sans serif typeface for UW-Whitewater is Corbel. It is available in four weights.

    Corbel portrays an uncluttered and clean appearance on screen. The letter forms are open with soft, flowing curves. It is legible, clear and functional at small sizes. At larger sizes the detailing and style of the shapes is more apparent, resulting in a modern sans serif type with a wide range of possible uses.

    System Fonts

    System Fonts

    System fonts should be used only when UW-Whitewater primary serif and sans serif typefaces are not available.

    Georgia is the serif typeface that may be used when Trajan Pro and Adobe Garamond Pro are not available.

    Arial is the sans serif typeface that may be used when Corbel is not available.


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