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    Online BBA Admissions

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    Application Deadlines

    UW-Whitewater admits students until we have reached our maximum number of students for the academic year. We recommend submitting your application before December 1.

    Fall Semester - July 15
    Spring Semester - December 1
    Summer Semester - May 1

    Admission in Good Standing

    The program offered by the College of Business and Economics includes the junior- and senior-level courses required for the general business major. Lower level requirements (as described below) and electives may be completed at other institutions, including UW-Colleges, and/or UW-Whitewater's other course offerings.

    To be eligible for the junior- and senior-level online business courses, students must meet the following requirements:

    1. Have completed 54 or more credits*
    2. Have completed or will be completing in the next semester: English 101 and 102 (Freshman English), Speech 110, Math 143 (Finite Math for Business and Social Sciences), Economics 201 and 202 (Micro- and Macroeconomics), Accounting 244 (Intro to Financial Accounting) and either 249 or 341 or 342 (Managerial or Intermediate or Cost Accounting), Economics 245 (Business Statistics) and the computer applications requirement.
    3. Have a combined cumulative grade point average of 2.80 or better**

      *If you have not completed 54 or more credits, you may contact the College of Business and Economics for advising on what those

    4. 54 credits should include and your options for enrolling in the proper courses.

      ** If you have a gap of five or more years in your college education, contact the assistant dean of the college for more information: (262) 472-4900

    Transfer Student Application Process

    UW-Whitewater accepts the common application shared by the entire UW System. For your application to be considered "complete" and ready for a decision, you'll need to also provide the following:

    1. Official copies of all post-secondary school transcripts sent by the institutions
    2. Official copies of your high school transcripts, including a graduation date
    3. $44.00 application fee*

    To qualify** as a transfer students must have:

    1. Completed at least 12 credits that will transfer to UW-Whitewater
    2. Earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher*** (based on a 4.0 scale)

    *The application fee is not required if your last institution attended was a UW College (freshman/sophomore) campus.
    **Students who do not have 12 or more transferable credits will be evaluated for admission using their high school credentials, including an ACT/SAT test score, to determine admissibility.
    **Please note that certain programs may require higher grade point averages for admission.

    Freshmen Application Process

    You can apply to UW-Whitewater any time after September 15 of your senior year in high school for the following fall semester (nearly a year in advance).

    UW-Whitewater accepts the electronic application shared by the entire UW System. For your application to be considered "complete" and ready for a decision, you'll need to also provide the following:

    1. Official copies of your secondary school transcripts sent by the high school
    2. School Counselor authorization forms (final portion of the online application)
    3. $35 application fee (can be submitted electronically with the application)
    4. Official ACT/SAT standardized test scores should be submitted as soon as possible

    Admission Questions

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