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PDP Reviewers: Administrators
Lisa Marie Green

Name: Lisa Marie Green
Current Position School Counselor & Middle School Math Teacher: Grades 6, 7, 8, & Algebra
Name of Employer: Geneva Jnt 4 (Woods School)
License Category(ies) held at the Professional Educator Stage: Professional Educator - Pupil Service
Area of Expertise: For 13 years I have been employed in our small K-8 district teaching 6, 7, 8, math & Algebra. I use a traditional approach to teaching math with projects sprinkled throughout the year. For the last 5 years I have been teaching Guidance to preK-8, coordinating tests, writing schedules, counseling students, consulting with parents, staff, and professionals to accomplish the tasks associated with a Comprehensive School Counseling Program. I have been trained in Love & Logic. Our district is currently involved in a Strategic Planning Process. I am a member of the Facilities Planning Committee.
Date of DPI Review Team Training: March 15, 2007
PDP Reviewer Categories: Pupil Service Peer
Preferred Mode of PDP Review: Face-to-face or On-line