Source: Office of the Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

  1. University Police can be contacted by calling the campus telephone number 472-4660 24 hours/seven days a week.
  2. Police reports are available on request to the Chancellor and Vice/Assistant Chancellors. Reports of special significance are forwarded to these administrative officers without request.
  3. University Police always carry full identification including picture.
  4. University Police, on occasions, work out of uniform carrying standard identification such as the pocket patch visible or readily available. The Director authorizes security personnel when to and when not to carry firearms on these occasions.
  5. University Police vehicles will have standard UW-Whitewater markings and stage identified licenses; in addition, one vehicle will have a red light, siren and University Police markings to be used for emergencies.
  6. Uniformed University Police carry firearms.
  7. No student residence hall room will be entered by University Police without properly issued search warrants, except in situations involving safety of the occupants or other persons present.
  8. University Police converse freely with students and are known by them.
  9. University Police personnel do not "infiltrate" private student meetings as a means of gathering information.
  10. On occasions where criminal activity requires special or continuing observation, the Director recommends and receives approval from the general administration before taking this action.
  11. University Police coordinate their action with the Whitewater City Police.
  12. University Police explore alternative avenues available before recommending prosecution of UW-Whitewater students and employees.
  13. University Police respond immediately to emergency calls and take appropriate independent action. In non-emergency situations, predetermined procedure is followed.

As amended 1 August 1984