Source: Offices of Student Affairs

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has contracted with the Licensing Resource Group (LRG) for licensing management services. The Deputy Assistant Chancellor in the Office of Student Affairs is assigned the administrative responsibility for the LRG contract.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Licensing Program labels all logos, seals, names, symbols, and slogans associated with the University as identity elements which are exclusive property of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The Student Affairs Office is responsible for protecting the use of University of Wisconsin-Whitewater trademarks and licensing commercial use of these marks. Design approval for reproduction of the University's marks for resale or other commercial purposes, given away for internal use, must have University Authorization.

What Is Commercial Use?

Items for resale: Selling products (such as cups, sweatshirts, balloons, boxer shorts, to name only a few) bearing University trademarks,

  • Sales to campus and private retailers
  • Sales to individual customers
  • Sales at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater sporting events
  • Sales on campus by student groups
  • Sales for fund-raising projects

Promotional use: Items which bear the trademarks of the University and those of a commerciall business, such as a restaurant, which are either sold or given away are promotional and are considered commercial.

Promotional use that primarily benefits the commercial business or non-university organization will result in the appliacation of the licensing royalty rate of 8%. If the primary beneficiary of the promotional activity is the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, neither a royalty fee nor a user fee will be administered. The Deputy Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs will have the responsibilty to interpret promotional use activity and fees.

What Activities Are Exempt From Licensing?

The Office of Student Affairs grants waivers of the royalty fee to University offices and organizations, registered student organizations, UW-W faculty and staff, and approved affiliate groups (eg. Alumni Groups, etc.) Using the identifiers for official university business, or for non-revenue generating projects. In addition, the royalty fee will be waived for licensed vendors with whom the university has contracted to manufacture products that the university will give away or use internally.

A waiver verifies for licensed vendors that an organization's product is exempt from the 8% royalty fee. Products must be purchased from a licensed vendor.

What Do You Need To Do?

University organization offices, approved affiliates groups, and faculty/staff organizations, as defined by the University, using names, marks, logos, seals and/or symbols of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in any commercial venture, whether fund-raising or promotional, are required to seek prior approval licensing from the Student Affairs Office, (262) 472-1172. Appropriate forms to complete licensing are available in the Office of Student Affairs, Hyer 200, or can be mailed to you by calling 472-1531 or 472-1172. These forms designate both logo(s) approved and the royalty waiver if the appropriate criterion are met.

Products sold or given away bearing trademarks of the University and the names or logos of a University office organization, for the sole benefit of that office organization, are exempt from the royalty fee charges for commercial ventures. However, use of the logo must be approved and the products must be purchased from licensed vendors whenever possible. The waiver and design approval form must be completed and signed by the appropriate representative of the organization and the Licensing Administrator prior to project initiation. (Form is available in the Forms Downloading Area.)

License Royalty

The current royalty payment is 8% on the appropriate sales and promotional items.

For additional information, or questions pertaining to the Licensing Program, contact Stephen Summers (1172) or Sandy Derus (1531) in the Student Affairs Office.

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