Source: Office of the Vice Chancellor, Administrative Affairs

UW-Whitewater has two categories of state owned vehicles: (1) Transportation Department vehicles (rental fleet), (2) Departmental vehicles (maintenance fleet).

Regulations Regarding Use of All Vehicles

University vehicles are to be used only for official University business.

All State laws shall be observed in the operation of University vehicles.

All traffic citations are the responsibility of the driver.

Only properly authorized drivers shall be permitted to operate University vehicles. Contact the Transportation Office.

No "hitchhikers" shall be given rides in University vehicles.

The safety belts in University vehicles shall be used when vehicles are in motion.

Smoking in any University vehicle is prohibited.

The use of a state vehicle by an employee who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden. Any such vehicle use will be considered a violation of work rules, and may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

State-owned vehicles may not be used for vacations.

Trailer hitches and towing for personal reasons are not permitted.

Hauling loads with state vehicles that could structurally damage the vehicle is prohibited. Some examples of potentially damaging loads include firewood, sod, and/or gravel.

Modifications to state vehicles for operating purposes may be undertaken only with the express written consent of the agency fleet manager.

Installation and/or use of any radar-detection device in state vehicles is prohibited.

The use of state vehicles for personal gain, such as delivering goods or services, or operating private pools where the riders pay the driver is prohibited.

A full report as required by law shall be made by the driver of any University vehicle involved in an accident. Vehicles have an Auto Incident Kit in the glove compartment which contains forms and instructions for reporting any accident. See agency fleet manager for replacement kits.

YOU MUST REPORT IMMEDIATELY BY TELEPHONE IF: You are involved in an accident with any bodily injury, any rear-end collisions of another occupied vehicle, or any damage greater than $1,000.

During work hours, call the agency fleet manager at (262) 472-1856. After hours and on weekends, call (608) 838-9543 when an accident or incident occurs that requires reporting.

University vehicles shall have the established official University decal or some other sanctioned University identifier displayed. No other special markings, lettering, emblems, etc., shall be placed on University vehicles except the official University fleet number assigned. All University vehicles with the exception of Police cars shall display State owned vehicle license plates. All University vehicles will be checked for safety and/or preventative maintenance by a University Mechanic every 3,000 miles or three months whichever comes first. A record shall be maintained for each vehicle indicating when inspections are made, services performed and other pertinent information about the vehicle.

The Fleet Manager shall function as the campus contact for all vehicle matters. She/he shall apply for proper licensing of all vehicles, shall insure all vehicles in accordance with Central Risk Management policies and procedures, and shall advise the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs on the reassignment, replacement and overall operation of vehicles for the University. Departments having assigned vehicles are expected to provide the necessary information to maintain an up-to-date inventory of all vehicles, shall maintain records and make reports as required. 

Special Policies and Regulations Regarding Transportation Department Vehicles

Rental Fleet

Reservations for use of Rental Fleet vehicles may be made by calling the Transportation Office between 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Only University faculty and staff members may reserve Rental Fleet vehicles. These vehicles are acquired on a first come, first served basis. The faculty or staff member who has a confirmed reservation for a vehicle is obligated to make the necessary time changes with the Transportation Services when departure plans are changed. The Transportation Office may assign a vehicle to another party if not called for at the specified time. The daily charge shall be assessed to the party making a reservation for a vehicle if the reservation has not been cancelled before the specified departure time.

The faculty or staff member reserving a vehicle must indicate the account user code number which will pay for the usage charge at the time the reservation is made. He/she assumes responsibility for having obtained permission from the supervisor of the financial account prior to making a reservation for a vehicle. A copy of the trip ticket for each usage of a vehicle will be attached to the invoice sent to the account supervisor so that the account supervisor may know the name of each person who has charged their account for vehicle usage.

Non-availability certifications will not be authorized if reservations are not made 24 hours in advance. "Non-Availability" certification will be automatically communicated to Financial Services.

The Transportation Office shall release vehicles only to individuals who are authorized drivers. Drivers are to complete and sign a trip ticket at the completion of each trip. The trip ticket will indicate starting and ending odometer reading, destination and total mileage. Mechanical failures and other operating deficiencies shall be noted on the trip ticket.

The person signing out a University vehicle shall check the fuel gauge to insure that he/she departs with a full tank of gasoline. If a trip is to be in excess of 200 miles, he/she should use the gasoline credit card provided by the Transportation Office at the time the keys are picked up. The credit card is to be used only for the purchase of sufficient gasoline to insure the return trip to the campus.

Faculty and staff members reserving vehicles for departure after 4:30 p.m. or before 7:00 a.m. on weekdays or any time on weekends shall sign for and pick up keys and credit card for such vehicles from the Transportation Office between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday. Special arrangements could result in an extra charge.

Vehicles returned when there is no one on duty at the Transportation Office shall be parked in the proper location (Rental Fleet Parking Lot), locked and the keys, trip ticket and credit card placed in the night key depository at the Transportation Office. Any charges attributable to negligence and/or disregard for these procedures will be billed back to that driver.

The next patron(s) would appreciate the removal of all belongings after use of the vehicle, this includes unwanted materials. An appropriate cleaning fee will be charged back to the offending driver when warranted.

Special Policies and Regulations Regarding Departmental Vehicles

It is the responsibility of each user department to routinely review their vehicle needs and usage. Those vehicles which have minimal and/or sporadic use should be evaluated for replacement, reassignment, etc.

Each departmental vehicle shall have a designated area assigned on campus as its home base. It shall be parked in its home base when not being used on official University business.

The supervisor in charge of each departmental vehicle shall be responsible for releasing the vehicle only to individuals who are currently authorized.

The supervisor in charge of each departmental vehicle shall be responsible for scheduling the periodic maintenance check-up of the vehicle, providing the monthly mileage, maintaining all records, and coordinating all vehicle activity with the campus motor pool (mechanic).

The supervisor in charge of each departmental vehicle shall be responsible for the annual budgeting of adequate funds for the operation and maintenance of the vehicle including a depreciation reserve for the replacement of the vehicle, if appropriate.

As amended 24 October 2002
Last Reviewed:  October 2015