Karate Club


Led by Master Trent Norrell, 4th Dan, the Warhawk Karate Club incorporates Ji Do Kwan Taekwondo and Goju Ryu Karate is a fun, yet dedicated atmosphere. We encourage all interested students to join regardless of experience. Hard work in the Dojo and tournament trips are balanced with social activities such as campouts, fundraisers, and holiday awards parties in a friendly, family atmosphere.

Contact Information

President: Caitlin Clougherty
Email: ClougherCM29@uww.edu
Phone: 319.330.5886
Vice-President: Sara Langer
Email: LangerSA19@uww.edu
Phone: 715.212.6263
Secretary: Jaren Norrell
Email: NorrellJA24@uww.edu
Phone: 608.921.1322
Treasurer: Tyler Frigo
Email: FrigoTW29@uww.edu
Phone: 920.728.4915
Advisor: Trent Norrell
  Email: norrellt@uww.edu

Practice Schedule
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Location Gym 3 Gym 3 Gym 2
Time 8:15-10:15pm 8:15-10:15pm 8:15-10:15pm

Tournament Schedule
Date Time Location Events